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Louis Vuitton - a global luxury brand that signals the height of sophistication

Storied luxury brand Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris in 1854. Their classic Monogram canvas was launched by the founder's son, Georges Vuitton, and features the now-iconic interlocking L and V initials, and a design of quatrefoils and flowers. This patented design was initially used as an anti-counterfeiting measure, but is now representative of the brand and its history. Louis Vuitton's original business was innovative canvas trunks, suitcases, and other travel goods, but over the years the business expanded - first into luxury handbags and leather goods, and later into fashion inspired by the brand's luxury heritage. Representing French style, craftsmanship and history, the Louis Vuitton brand is loved by customers world-wide - especially in Japan, where savvy and sophisticated customers have been able to purchase the brand since 1978.


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Louis Vuitton
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Louis Vuitton is especially known for marrying form and function, with products that are practical and durable, as well as beautiful. LV handbags are especially durable, featuring detailed seaming that prevents tears and damage even with heavy use. Louis Vuitton also uses materials that stand up well to damp and other environmental damage, meaning that many LV handbags can be used for decades. Because the brand is rooted in travel for both business and leisure, many of their items transition smoothly from workwear to the weekend. Considering its unparalleled longevity and quality, Louis Vuitton occupies the affordable end of the luxury goods bracket, offering high cost performance for customers who invest in a LV wardrobe addition.

Today, Louis Vuitton offers a wide range of luxury fashion and accessories. The corner-stone of the brand is, of course, their famous handbags. The selection ranges from the classic hand bag to shoulder bags, totes, cross-body bags, and even backpacks - in Monogram and other classic canvas styles as well as in buttery soft leather and exotic skins. The price varies a great deal from product to product, but the average in Japan is around 200,000 yen. Louis Vuitton's wallets are on equal footing with bags in terms of popularity - from classic LV wallets beloved by men and women alike to smaller models that fit neatly into your bag. The Japanese retail price of LV wallets is around 70,000 yen. In addition to these staple items, Louis Vuitton is also famous for clothes, scarves, necklaces, and other accessories.

Louis Vuitton is popular with Japanese people of all ages, but particularly with women in their 30s and up. The key to the brand's popularity is in its sophisticated designs. The younger generation in Japan tends to be drawn to the brighter colorways, while the classic LV look adds a touch of luxury and finesse to wardrobes centered on chic neutrals and jewel tones. A typical Japanese Louis Vuitton customer loves her LV bag for its versatile design and ease of use, making it her go-to handbag from the initial to purchase and decades into the future. Because Japanese women take exquisite care of their beloved handbags, it's not uncommon to find second-hand or used handbags in fantastic condition. The younger set might always chase the newest thing, but to a loyal customer legacy, quality and sophistication is king.