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About Monogram Vernis

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis - express yourself in glossy color

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis series was first released in 1998, as a new take on the iconic LV Monogram. To make the Vernis line, colorful leather is embossed with the Monogram pattern and coated with a glossy finish that makes the bag shine and highlights the embossed motifs. This line was one of the earliest releases after Marc Jacobs took the helm as Louis Vuitton creative director, and ushered in an era of reinventing brand classics that found popularity with an entirely new group of customers. At present, Monogram Vernis is available in 21 colors - the most of any Louis Vuitton product line. The bright colors lend the series an individualistic and casual air that goes well with everyday outfits, while the signature Louis Vuitton quality means the series blends in just as well to formal occasions.


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Wallets > Monogram Vernis

The Monogram Vernis line is unique in the Louis Vuitton product line-up for its use of coated leather, which gives this collection its distinct gloss. The high-shine surface and bright colors of the line are a clever innovation, giving the storied Monogram pattern a breath of fresh air and appealing to a new group of customers. The line features primarily bags and wallets. Some of the colorways in the collection have been discontinued, but you may be able to

The bright colors offered by the Monogram Vernis line have proved especially popular with younger customers. The series typically retails for 100,000 to 150,000 yen, which is slightly above the classic Monogram and Damier patterns. In recent years, the Monogram Vernis line has been reinvented once again, branching into unique designs beyond the all-over Monogram pattern.

Color is key in the Monogram Vernis line - between permanent models and limited-edition colorways, the line offers both timeless neutral tones and bold brights. In other words, there's a Monogram Vernis to suit every taste. This means the Monogram Vernis line will serve you well in any situation and with any outfit - and the trusted quality and sophistication of the Louis Vuitton brand means you'll never be underdressed. A true investment piece.