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About Epi

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather - a brand revolution in bold colors

The Louis Vuitton Epi Leather series was first launched in 1985. Calf leather is tanned using plant extracts, and then embossed in a signature wave pattern. If the pattern reminds you of rolling fields of grain, then your eyes aren't fooling you - "epi" is the French word for an ear of grain. The line was instantly notable for its range of colors, and this is still a hallmark of the series today. The embossing process gives the colors further dimension for the characteristic Epi Leather look. The embossing also makes the surface strong and scratch-resistant, ensuring that the series offers Louis Vuitton's signature durability. Adding the Epi Leather line to Louis Vuitton's lineup of bags added a pop of color to the previously neutral selection, and attracted a new customer to the brand. The subtle detailing and exquisite quality found in the Epi Leather line adds a touch of sophistication to any look.


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The key to the Epi Leather collection's lasting appeal is the luxurious luster and texture found in its signature leather. Epi Leather bags keep their shape, are scratch- and water-resistant, making them a true investment piece you'll keep using for decades. The characteristic colors come from using a special tanning process using vegetable extracts and chrome salt when tanning the leather. Over time, the color, luster, and texture of these bags undergo a subtle change, making every bag unique. The Epi Leather line offers a range of designs and colors to suit any taste. Even as the leather wears, it keeps its shape and its charm.

The Epi Leather line offers a range of products for both men and women, ranging from bags and wallets to accessories. In terms of price, a zippered wallet or round wallet retails for around 150,000 yen, tote bags are around 300,000 yen, and a briefcase retails at around 450,000 yen. Coin cases retail for around 70,000 yen. Both long wallets and foldover wallets are included in the product selection. The Neverfull, with its roomy interior and attached interior pouch, is a popular choice for women purchasing handbags from the collection. An Epi Leather Neverfull retails at around 250,000 yen.

Although the beautiful embossed leather and stunning color variations are distinctive to those in the know, the Epi Leather is one of the subtler Louis Vuitton lines, using neither the Monogram nor the Damier pattern. The line is especially popular with busy women on the go, who want to look put-together while toting around the necessities of daily life. Transitioning smoothly from business to leisure, the Epi Leather series is the perfect companion for the modern woman. Offering understated elegance combined with stellar functionality and durability, the Epi Leather line is perfect for investment pieces that will stand the test of time.