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About Suhali

Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather - the supple and unique collector's' favorite

The Suhali Leather collection signature is supple goat leather and eye-catching gold hardware. Goat leather is particularly durable, while retaining a soft feel and subtle texture that sets it apart from other leathers. Featuring handbags, wallets and more accessories including footwear, the Suhali line found a strong fan base in quality-conscious women. The Suhali line was launched in 2004, and was gradually phased out in the early 2010s. However, the collection still has ardent fans and a buzzing second-hand market.


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The key characteristic of the Suhali Leather line is the goat leather material. Louis Vuitton uses a wide range of both ordinary and exotic leathers in its full collection, but the Suhali Leather collection was the only one to prominently feature goat leather. Goat leather offers a soft and supple surface combined with a coarser grain. The Suhali Leather line let these natural qualities shine by combining goat leather with gold hardware and contrast stitching in strong geometric alignments. Although the leather is untreated, the natural characteristics of the material make it durable, and able to stand up to daily use if handled properly.

The Suhali aesthetic of textured leather, gold hardware and contrast stitching made the line highly versatile, leading to the release of a wide range of items such as bags, wallets, diaries and boots. The ruggedly elegant appeal of this collection found many fans, but unfortunately not enough to keep the line in stores, leading to it being discontinued.

This durable and elegant line still has many fans both in Japan and around the world. Many women fell in love with their first Suhali, and were continuing purchasing their second bag from the line when it was quite suddenly discontinue. There are also many women who only found out about the Suhali Line after it had been discontinued, yet keep searching for these unique items in the hope that they can one day own one. Ardent fans love the supple smoothness of the rare exotic leather combined with unsurpassed Louis Vuitton durability - and they show no sign of giving up hope of getting their hands on this handbag holy grail.