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About Monogram Multicolore

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore - cute and colorful sophistication

Louis Vuitton collaborated with Japanese pop art giant Takashi Murakami for this new take on the iconic Monogram, first released in 2003. By reinventing the color scheme of the storied Monogram pattern, the Multicolore line offers a more striking and modern look. A cornucopia of colors are added to a background of plain white or black to make bags, wallets, and more accessories with a cute and feminine feel. 2003, the year of the Monogram Multicolore line's original launch, also saw a wider range of unique designs released by the brand. These added Murakami's signature pop-art iconography to the classic Monogram, with popular designs including cherry blossoms, pandas and smiley faces.


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Bags > Monogram Multicolore

Louis Vuitton's Monogram Multicolore line is a modern update to the brand's signature Monogram design, which brought a new generation of fans to the brand. The mix of classic luxury and fresh color makes this collection uniquely positioned at the crossroads of formal and casual, giving us a collection that plays well in all sorts of situations. This groundbreaking collection was popular from the very first launch, and remains a Louis Vuitton staple.

This popular design is used for a wide range of items, which means the price range for the Monogram Multicolore collection also varies a great deal. Wallets run from around 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen, while bags start at 100,000 yen. The basic price point is the same as for the Louis Vuitton Monogram main line, with very few variances. Very few models from this series have been discontinued, so the price remains stable overall.

The fresh color scheme of the Monogram Multicolore line brought a new generation of fans to the brand, proving especially popular with younger women. The classic Louis Vuitton Monogram design also has its dedicated followers, but the colorful variety offered by the pop-art-inflected Monogram Multicolore line keeps the luxury appeal of Louis Vuitton while reflecting the changing times. The Monogram Multicolore line is part of former creative director Marc Jacob's legacy at Louis Vuitton, which saw the storied brand updated for the new millennium with original takes on the house codes.