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About Damier Ebene

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas - the original Louis Vuitton trademark

Louis Vuitton's Damier line gets its name from the bold lines of its checkered design - "damier" is French for "checkerboard." This simple design is inextricably linked with the Louis Vuitton look. The first version of the pattern was the brown-and-beige Damier Ebene, said to be inspired in part by the French vogue for japonisme - the checkerboard, or ichimatsu, pattern being a frequent motif in traditional Japanese designs. The Damier line has been getting fresh additions in recent years: the updated indigo-and-ivory Damier Azur is inspired by the French riviera, the grey-and-black Damier Graphite represents a more muted look, and Damier Geant magnifies the Damier print for a modern take.


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Louis Vuitton gained their worldwide reputation starting in the 1860s, when the company won a bronze medal at the 1867 World's Fair. The innovative brand soon became a steadfast favorite of 19th century royals, from Spain's Alfonso XII to Czarevitch Nicholas of Russia. The dark side of this overwhelming popularity was the rapid appearance of counterfeit items. For this reason, Louis Vuitton's son Georges developed the Damier pattern, as a measure guarding against imitators. In 1889, the year after developing the Damier pattern, the company took the gold medal at the World's Fair.

Part of the inspiration behind this iconic design can be traced to the Japonisme boom following the 1867 World's Fair. The Japanese Pavilion, Japan's very first foray into the World's Fair, drew the most attention out of over 50,000 exhibitors. This would spur a great movement of European artists drawing inspiration from the arts and crafts of Japan. The distinctive checkered pattern can also be traced to this movement - the traditional ichimatsu pattern being frequently found in Japanese arts and crafts. This checkered pattern became the basis for Georges Vuitton's measure against counterfeiting, the Damier line.

This iconic Louis Vuitton pattern instantly signals the exceptional quality the brand is known for, radiating sophistication and pure chic. The striking yet understated pattern never goes out of style, and continues to find new fans in every generation. The gentle beige and brown colors make for a less formal look that works perfectly with day-to-day style, while retaining the history and dignity of the Louis Vuitton brand. This timeless pattern and Louis Vuitton's elegant and functional designs have made for a winning combination.