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About Damier Azur

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur - an innovation and instant classic

Damier Azur joined the iconic Damier check line in 2006, reinventing the storied design in updated colors. Damier Azur is also called White Damier for its base color, white where the classic Damier design is light brown. This refreshing and elegant new take on a classic was an instant hit. The classic Damier pattern was the very first in Louis Vuitton's long history. The original Damier pattern was replaced in 1896 with the Monogram pattern, now synonymous with Louis Vuitton. For the brand's 100th anniversary, they re-released the long-dormant Damier check pattern in the brand's signature brown tones.


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The Louis Vuitton Monogram Azur line is particularly prized for its soft and elegant colors. The design, first released in 2006, renders the classic Damier pattern in cream and navy - inspired by the gorgeous views of the French riviera. These muted but modern colors are the perfect update to the classic, offering a fresh twist that retains Louis Vuitton's impeccable craftsmanship and luxury appeal. The Damier check pattern is said to have been inspired by the traditional Japanese ichimatsu pattern, which makes the line feel pleasingly familiar to Japanese women.

A key part of Louis Vuitton's appeal is the history behind the brand - knowing that the item you hold in your hands is a result of decades of craftsmanship and know-how that have made the pinnacle of travel goods for generations. In addition to the LV Monogram line, the Damier pattern is one that symbolizes this rich history. The original brown-and-beige coloring from the early days of this world-famous brand gets a thoughtful update in the Damier Azur line, which delicately blends shades of cream, beige, and navy. linebreak}
The Damier Azur line offers a broad range of bags and accessories such as tote bags, shoulder bags, wallets, and key cases. The price typically ranges from 150,000 yen to 200,000 yen for most items, with the versatile Neverfull tote being one of the most popular models. The Neverfull offers great carrying capacity paired with slim leather handles and a matching pouch attached to the handle to keep important items easy to reach. A true chameleon, this trusty tote transitions seamlessly from formal to casual, and can even hold enough to serve as a weekend bag. The reasonable price, wide range of uses, and unsurpassed durability makes the Neverfull a popular choice with women of all ages.