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Fashion Louis Vuitton Men's Wallets Taiga

Louis Vuitton・Men's・Wallets・Taiga

About Wallets Taiga

Louis Vuitton Taiga Leather - sophisticated accessories for the modern man

The Louis Vuitton Taiga Leather line was made for the modern businessman, and is aesthetically distinct from other core Louis Vuitton lines such as the geometric Damier series and the iconic Monogram design. The reason this collection stands apart from the Louis Vuitton main line is that the Taiga Leather series was developed with a customer-first focus - namely, the modern businessman that requires accessories signaling gravitas through clean lines and elevated taste. The collection is available in multiple colorways, which tend towards a muted palette of blacks, grays, and blues. This contemporary take on classic luxury has enjoyed continued popularity since its initial release in 1993.


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Louis Vuitton's Taiga Leather line was launched in 1993. In 1985, when Epi Leather, Louis Vuitton's very first leather collection and the predecessor to the Taiga line, was launched, the world was amazed at the understated luxury of this collection that broke with the aesthetic of the world-famous graphic Damier and Monogram collections. From that initial success, Louis Vuitton's reputation for fine leather goods has only risen. Epi, which means "ear of grain" in French, is notable for its bold embossed wave pattern. The Taiga line further refined the embossed leather technique, reducing the scale for a more understated look. The name comes from the taiga biome of coniferous forest covering northern parts of Europe, Russia and North America. As befits the name, dark green was one of the most popular initial colorways. In recent years, the range of colors available in the line has increased, adding a range of blues and grays, as well as brown and other shades verging on black.

The key appeal of the Taiga Leather line is the combination of clean and simple lines with top-class materials and workmanship that make for a timeless collection offering a wide range of items from notebooks to luggage. The range of colors, especially the subtle near-black hues, is another draw for fans of the line. A key point to the popularity of the Taiga Leather line in Japan lies precisely in the fact that it doesn't feature any of the iconic Louis Vuitton hallmarks like the Damier check or the LV Monogram. This understated luxury is the height of chic. This simplicity of design and lack of ostentatious logos make the Taiga Leather line a timeless classic, an investment piece that will serve you well for decades.

As Louis Vuitton's very first line exclusively for men, Taiga Leather items exude a classic, masculine look. Made for the modern, sophisticated businessman, the line shines in business and formal settings - but aficionados will also use it in casual situations. The strong lines and timeless appeal of this collection have also attracted female fans whose tastes run more androgynous than the LV main line, and who are also attracted to the understated luxury of the series. In addition to stylish minimalism, the practical functionality and durability of the Taiga Leather line is what keeps both male and female customers coming back for more.