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About Damier Geant

Louis Vuitton Damier Geant - a bold look for a new era

Louis Vuitton's Damier Geant line is a bold re-imagining of the brand's storied Damier pattern. Damier Geant debuted in 2004, and production ceased around 2013. The Damier line predates the famous Louis Vuitton monogram design by eight years, and is equal to the Monogram line in design icon status. The Damier Geant line magnifies this classic pattern, for a fresh and modern take on the original. Damier Geant stands alongside Damier Graphite as fresh takes on this classic pattern, aimed at the modern man. The Damier Geant collection features mainly bags, notable for their large-scale pattern and bold Louis Vuitton Paris logo - a key feature of the original Damier design.


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Bags > Damier Geant

The Damier Geant line originally targeted young men, appealing to a new generation with a bolder, graphic take on a Louis Vuitton classic. With each piece emblazoned with a bold Louis Vuitton Paris logo, this line is for the true LV aficionado. The line offers more than this eye-catching design - using new thermocompression technology, the outer nylon fabric provides Louis Vuitton's signature durability while making the bag itself significantly lighter. This means the bags stand up particularly well to heavy use, making the Damier Geant line a perfect companion for travel and commuting.

The Damier Geant line was initially produced in two colorways - Terre and Sable. Blue Ocean and Noir were introduced in 2008, bringing the total number of colorways up to four. The subtler designs initially offered had led the line to be perceived as a high-end outdoor or sports-focused collection, but the additional colorways cemented its status as a collection perfectly suited to modern urban lifestyles, and boosted Damier Geant to greater popularity. As the line was discontinued in 2013, Damier Geant items are currently only available as second-hand or overstock goods, normally fetching 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen.

A key point to the Damier Geant line's appeal is its strength and durability. In the world of luxury goods, items often need to be handled with extreme care - even if the workmanship is of the highest order. The Damier Geant line, on the other hand, will stand up to all the challenges of modern life - functionality does absolutely not lose out to function in this series. Top-of-the-line durability combined with exceptionally lightweight construction makes the Damier Geant series perfect for travel - and the series features a particularly strong collection of travel bags and luggage.