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Liz Lisa - the go-to brand for princess fashion

Liz Lisa is a cornerstone of 109 style, named for the shopping center in Tokyo's fashionable Shibuya district. The archetypical Liz Lisa style is characterized by an abundance of ruffles and lace, and the color scheme runs to classic and feminine shades of pink and white. The brand's parent company is Vent International, and the brand has expanded to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The brand concept is retro and girlish fashion, and is targeted at fashion-loving girls whose feminine style combine the newest trends with a vintage aesthetic. The brand was established in 1998, and opened its first Liz Lisa branded store in Shibuya 109 the following year. The brand also participated in Tokyo Girls Collection in 2010. With shops in fashionista destinations like Parco and Vivre, the brand has a loyal following all over Japan.


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The key elements to the Liz Lisa look are cute and girly design touches applied to a range of items from clothes to accessories. The main customer is women in their teens and twenties who adore the romantic and feminine style, with opulent ruffles and lace. Despite the elaborate detailing, the Liz Lisa look isn't overdone and offers a rather understated version of the hyper-feminine look. The brand also offers fairytale-inspired designs and other interesting variations on their princess look. The Liz Lisa look is so distinctive you don't have to look at the label - you'll recognize it instantly.

Liz Lisa largely offers only one size for most their garments, with many designs incorporating elasticated waists and other methods to make each item fit a broader range of bodies while keeping the essential look. Frills, shades of pink, and florals are key to the Liz Lisa look, but the brand also offers other feminine staples like gingham check and chiffon fabric. Dresses tend to cost around 10,000 yen, and a head-to-toe look is likely to set you back around 30,000 yen. The brand is very trend-aware, and new collections often pick up and amplify the next big thing.

Liz Lisa has a dedicated fanbase among women in their teens and twenties. The girly look of sweet florals and extravagant ruffles and lace tend to appeal most to this age range. While the Liz Lisa look can be cutesy, almost sugary-sweet, their pieces also go surprisingly well with more understated looks when combined with simpler items. Accessories such as tote bags and fur-trimmed cardigans have a broad appeal, letting aficionados of all ages incorporate some Liz Lisa into their wardrobe.