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About Vespa

Vespa by Hermes - Evelyne's classy sister

Vespa is a line of handbags by French high-fashion luxury brand Hermes. Vespa's long, durable strap can be worn over the shoulder or across the body as a messenger bag. This feature makes it perfect for casual trips of all kinds, as it leaves your hands free while still securely keeping your belongings close to you in a chic, understated way. Vespa offers a solution to someone looking for a no-fuss, easy-to-wear handbag with a touch of sophistication, as provided by the bag's subtle chain detail. Its roominess is complemented by a single large interior pocket that allows you to organize things freely. Vespa is lightweight and has an open top, allowing you to access it very easily while on the go. Smaller versions with a shorter strap that can only be used as a shoulder hobo bag are also available, but messenger bag Vespas are the most popular due to their versatility and ease of use.


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Vespa is the perfect choice for active people who want their hands and arms to be unconstrained. After all, Vespa's streamlined and functional design was inspired by the Italian scooter of the same name. Even if you're not zooming around Rome on a scooter, Hermes's Vespa still offers a stylish way to conveniently carry your necessities. Hermes is known for its gorgeous handbag designs constructed from high-quality leather, and Vespa is no exception. It's a convenient option for someone who wants a designer handbag that's practical, attractive, and truly unique.

Vespa's design is often compared to that of Evelyne, another saddlebag-esque classic by Hermes. While the two are very similar, Vespa is distinguished by its elegant pull-through chain closure whereas Evelyne exhibits its signature perforated "H" logo. Evelyne's design is generally larger and includes an exterior pocket, while Vespa has a completely uninterrupted smooth leather surface. When comparing the straps of the two bags, Vespa's is slightly slimmer, contributing to the bag's more feminine silhouette. Unlike the Evelyne, Vespa is no longer in production and has a non-adjustable strap; both are factors which contribute to its comparatively lower price point in the secondhand market.

Vespa is also offered as a mini drawstring pouch that can be used as a wristlet. Though the design is completely different from the messenger bag form, it's also quite popular among Hermes collectors, due to its convenient size, ease of use, and unique appearance. Whatever style of Vespa you choose, you can rest assured that you have a very special piece, hand-crafted by the top-notch artisans from the world-renowned Hermes brand.