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About Plume

Plume by Hermes - A stunningly simple handbag that's more than meets the eye

The Plume is the Hermes's oldest handbag design. "Plume," the word for a long and soft feather, perfectly describes the bag's lightweight feel. Plume's exceedingly simple design is characterized by a completely unadorned, rounded rectangular body made of Hermes's signature leather. Two curved leather handles and a zipped top complete the bag's distinguished silhouette. Plume's construction process takes about two and a half weeks and is surprisingly the most difficult of all Hermes bags, since its entire surface must be made with one large piece of flawless leather.


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Plume's design was inspired by a type of blanket-holder that was commonly used in the 1920s. It was one of the first bags created by Hermes in soft, unlined leather. Each Plume is crafted from the inside until the very end of the process, when the artisan inverts the bag to display the finished product.

Palladium plated hardware connect Plume's sturdy handles to its smooth calfskin exterior. The Plume is available in sizes 21 cm, 28 cm, 32 cm, 12H, 24H and Fourre Tout 40. The 12H is a laptop bag that includes a removable interior laptop case. The 24H and Fourre Tout 40 are luggage bags, designed to help you travel with ease.

With its high storage capacity, luxurious leather surface, and sophisticated shape, it's no wonder Plume has remained a staple in Hermes's lineup for more than half a century. For the luxury fashion-lover who wants a handbag that's timeless, understated and goes with everything, the Plume is simply perfect.