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About Evelyne

Evelyne (Évelyne) III by Hermes - Third time's the charm for this everyday luxury bag

Evelyne is a line of handbags by French high-fashion luxury brand Hermes. The Evelyne (specifically Evelyne III) boasts an incredibly durable canvas crossbody strap and striking perforated "H" logo on the front of the bag. There have been three evolutions of the bag, with Evelyne II adding an external pocket and Evelyne III making the strap adjustable. Because it's so easy to grab and go, Evelyne is a practical choice for those who want something hassle-free yet chic. The rounded, rectangular body of the Evelyne is available in two of Hermes's trademark leathers: Clemence and Epsom, which are both adept at withstanding damage. Clemence gives the bag a substantial, slouchy feel while Epsom provides especially intense color vibrancy. Other features of the Evelyne are its excellent storage capacity, various pockets and leather tab closure for easy accessibility. Compared to other Hermes masterpieces like the Birkin and Kelly, the Evelyne is casual and relatively affordable, making it a great entry level bag.


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Named for Evelyne Bertrand, the then head of Hermes's riding department, the bag was designed in 1978 to carry horse grooming equipment and was sold alongside other equestrian goods. The Evelyne still preserves its distinct saddle bag shape, a homage to Hermes's horse riding roots. Each Evelyne bag, along with all other Hermes handbags, is carefully hand-crafted by a single artisan in Paris, France.

The Evelyne, with its iconic encircled "H" logo outlined in perforated holes, comes in three sizes: TPM/Mini (16 cm), PM/Medium (29 cm) and GM/Large (33 cm). PM is the overall best-seller of the three, but GM tends to be particularly popular among men. The TPM is an ideal choice for those who want a petite, simplified version of the Evelyne.

Along with being easy to use and great for travel, the Evelyne is offered in a variety of fun colors. Hermes uses a sophisticated leather-dying process that leaves each bag with a rich and vibrant finish. New Evelyne color options are debuted every year, so there's always a chance to snag one in your favorite hue.