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Bolide by Hermes - The first purse in history to have a zipper

A long-time celebrity and Hermes-aficionado favorite, Bolide is a bag that's understated, chic, and deeply rooted in transatlantic travel. Bolide was literally designed for on-the-go use, specifically to be stowed in car trunks in the early 1920s. Therefore, it's no surprise that this established Hermes staple is perfect for road trips and long flights. Conversely, the Bolide can also be used as an everyday work bag, as the 35 cm and 45 cm sizes easily store small laptops and notebooks. Bolide's design is simpler than most other Hermes creations, making it a classic, discrete beauty that's particularly popular in fashion-conscious cities like Paris and Tokyo.


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by Product Line ・Bolide

The first time Emile-Maurice Hermes laid eyes on a zipper was during a trip to Canada in 1916, where it was being used as a fastening mechanism on the cloth top of a car. He filed for a two-year patent for the zipper upon returning to Paris, inspired to adapt it to his various leather goods, hand-luggage pieces, and suitcases. In 1923, Hermes introduced a revolutionary carryall with the first zippered compartment, a departure from traditional metal clasps. This zippered bag, called "le sac pour l'auto," was trapezoid-shaped and therefore ideal for protecting its contents at high speeds in the trunk of a sports car. The integration of these new design elements would ultimately change the course of Hermes history.

The unprecedented sac pour l'auto was later renamed Bolide, after a type of meteor. Hermes's new portable designs gained traction immediately, as the automobile industry was just taking off at the time. Upon realizing the potential of the market they tapped into, Hermes went on to create luggage trunks customized to fit on the backs of Bugattis, custom leather wallets for road maps, driving gloves, and silk racing scarves. In 1982, the Bolide was introduced in handbag size, equipped with a removable leather shoulder strap and a padlock with its clochette.

Featuring a removable shoulder strap, roomy shape, customizeable leather patch, and single zip closure, Bolide is commonly available in Epsom, Clemence, and Sikkim Hermes leather styles. Bolide comes in two distinct styles: Mou and Rigide. Mou is a soft leather, which is more casual, while Rigide is more structured. Bolide's four sizes are 27 cm, 31 cm, 35 cm, and 45 cm. The Bolide 31 is generally recommended for everyday use, while the 45 is specifically designed for travel.