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Haut A Courroies (Haut À Courroies) by Hermes - The original Birkin

The Hermes Haut A Courroies (abbreviated as HAC) has been in production since the early 1900s. Drawing inspiration from the totes used by Argentinian cowboys, third-generation co-owner Émile-Maurice Hermes thought of the design while on a trip to South America. Haut A Courroies is known for its large size, traditionally ranging from 40 cm to 55 cm in width. This makes it an especially stylish travel bag or an everyday tote for someone with a lot to carry. As a Hermes classic, Haut A Courroies is sure to catch the eye of any luxury handbag connoisseur that passes by.


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by Product Line ・Haut à Courroies

Hermes, established in 1837 as a Parisian harness and saddlery workshop, is now among the most valuable luxury brands in the world. In the early 1900s, Hermes began to branch out into other equestrian goods with its introduction of the Haut A Courroies bag, which was originally intended to carry riding equipment. The Haut A Courroies has been a model for the designs of other famous Hermes bags, including the Kelly in 1956 and the Birkin in 1984. Hermes's quintessential Birkin is actually a modified version of the Haut A Courroies, re-designed with a shorter, more rectangular frame and longer handles that allow the bag to be carried over the arm.

Although its generous size is Haut A Courroies's most notable distinction from other iconic Hermes bags, smaller versions measuring 28, 32 and 36 cm are available via special order. Even the smallest size Haut A Courroies provides excellent storage capacity and its short handles encourage the wearer to carry it in hand as opposed to on the arm. These attributes reinforce the Haut A Courroies's desirability as a travel bag. 32 cm is the most popular size choice for people with a petite body type who want a bag that's roomy but not overwhelming on a smaller frame. The easiest Haut A Courroies to pair with office looks is the 45 cm size because it offers a spacious interior while still appearing professional. The 50 cm Haut A Courroies begins to cross into travel size territory, making it a chic weekender tote.

The Haut A Courroies is available in many design variations. The use of cowhide on the Haut A Courroies is a popular choice, as it adds a cool element to the otherwise formal bag. It's also customary to give the bag a seasonal twist by offering colors like bright pink or green in spring, yellow or blue in summer, brown or orange in autumn and black or white in winter.