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About Fourre Tout

Fourre Tout by Hermes - The original luxury canvas handbag

Fourre Tout is a line of canvas handbags by French luxury fashion brand Hermes. Fourre Tout's simple and roomy design gives it an unassuming, casual appearance that still looks stylish. Its durable canvas makes it an ideal handbag to take on the wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Fourre Tout is characterized by its square shape and cloth straps that extend down to create two vertical bars on each side of the bag. Because it's a product from Hermes, you can rest assured that Fourre Tout boasts superior quality and functional design. Speaking of functionality, the tote also features multiple interior and exterior pockets. Fourre Tout is the perfect option for someone who craves the luxury and reliability of a high-quality brand like Hermes, but also wants the most bang for their buck with a multipurpose everyday bag that's quite affordable, compared to sister products like Kelly and Birkin.


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by Product Line > Fourre Tout

When Hermes announced the Fourre Tout line in 1998, it was an instant hit. Much of the excitement came from the fact that Fourre Tout was Hermes's first ever canvas bag. Considering the traditional materials Hermes had used up until that point, such as leather and other animal skins, a bag made entirely of neutral canvas provided a more accessible option for lovers of the brand. Due to its innovative concept and lower price point, the Fourre Tout expanded the public image of Hermes into more than just a luxury leather brand.

The French word ""fourre-tout"translates to ""catchall,"which is the perfect description for this spacious bag. Fourre Tout's padded cotton canvas side panels are gathered by snap gussets. Its short double handles fit comfortably in hand or over the elbow, giving a chic appearance. Messenger bag style models of the Fourre Tout are also available, complete with a convenient crossbody or shoulder strap. Each of Fourre Tout's four sizes (PM, MM, GM and XL) has an interior zip pocket. The XL size measures at 43 x 31.5 x 8 cm and also offers six exterior slip pockets, making it a very comfortable work, school or travel bag.

Hermes is known for its high production standards and this is especially true in regard to the company's canvas treatment methods. As a result, Hermes canvas is incredibly resilient, sturdy, and long-lasting. Combining this material with Fourre Tout's practical design creates the quintessential everyday handbag. Although discontinued in 2006, the Fourre Tout remains in high demand among resellers and buyers of vintage luxury items. Hermes has since gone on to release more canvas models, but the Fourre Tout will always be known as the one that paved the way.