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About Vintage Gucci

Vintage Gucci by Gucci - Unique Gucci products with history and charm

Vintage items are among the most coveted offerings from the Gucci brand, especially in Europe and the United States. With some vintage Gucci pieces dating back as far as 80 years, one might even consider them antiques! Customers love vintage Gucci items because they represent the brand's long history of global adoration and iconic designs. Opening as a leather shop in 1922, Gucci originally specialized in horse harnesses, producing only a few handbags. Second-generation owner Aldo Gucci not only added dresses and shoes to the Gucci line, but also expanded sales to overseas markets. Under the leadership of Aldo's son Roberto, the brand caught the interest of Hollywood starlets, establishing Gucci as the world-renowned fashion brand we know today.


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Much of vintage Gucci's stylish charm can be attributed to the brand's second-generation owner, Aldo Gucci, as he designed the now iconic double-G logo in the 1960s. The idea for the logo design was inspired by the initials of his father, Gucci founder Guccio Gucci. While some all-over logo designs can be visually overwhelming, Gucci's timeless double-G motif strikes the balance between luxurious and wearable. Along with the double-G diamond pattern, Aldo Gucci also pioneered other recognizable Gucci design elements such as those seen in the Ribbon line. Gucci's ever-popular Webbing design, characterized by a trio of vivid red and rich green stripes, was also introduced around this time and originally used a thicker type of fabric. Vintage Gucci from the 1960s also marks the birth of the durable and textured double-G-imprinted jacquard fabric. Within the vintage Gucci collection, the Boston mini shoulder bag is a popular choice. Because the canvas used to make the original 1960s Boston bags was damaged quite easily, recent revisions now feature the same designs in durable, waterproof polychlorinated biphenol (PVC) for stain resistance & easy cleaning. Other features of the Boston bag include its comparative affordability and a neutral color selection of beige, navy and black. Overall, vintage Gucci items are recommended for those who want to invest in a very unique, high-quality, authentic Gucci brand piece that will surely continue to increase in value.