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About Bamboo

Bamboo by Gucci - Over 60 years of iconic history

Along with the Jackie bag, Bamboo is another widely-known Gucci design. Named for its use of real bamboo in the handle of the bag, this item was destined to become iconic. The Bamboo's unique and elegant handle adds a rustic yet feminine charm to the otherwise simple, structured bag. Because of these elements, this bag in particular pairs very nicely with formal dresses and even Japanese kimono.


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by Product Line > Bamboo

Gucci's Bamboo line has a colorful history, beginning in 1947. In the aftermath of World War II, Italy's resources were rationed and using leather for luxury items was strictly prohibited. Because of this mandate, Gucci founder and his son got creative and thus the Bamboo bag was born. The innovative concept of incorporating Japanese bamboo into the bag's handle was well-received by celebrities around the world, cementing the iconic design's place in fashion history. In 2013, the Bamboo Shopper series was announced as an addition to the Bamboo line. With the same curved bamboo handle, the Bamboo Shopper uses a lightweight, soft leather and simple silhouette for a refined overall appearance. Its cotton-linen blend lining gives the interior of the bag a soft yet substantial feel. The Bamboo Shopper series tote bag is a unique addition in its horizontally elongated design, previously unseen in Bamboo line items. Although bamboo was originally used as a way to make the most of limited resources, it now adds a touch of intrigue and glamour to this special Gucci piece. The Bamboo Shopper series is luxurious in both size and quality. Furthermore, versatility has clearly been taken into consideration with this series, as demonstrated with the two-way usage of the mini leather bag. Because it can be used as both a handbag and shoulder bag, it's ideal for someone who enjoys variety and optimum value. The landscape tote bag is another effortlessly adaptable choice, equally appropriate in both formal and casual settings. The mid-size design makes for a versatile everyday companion, and the range of pockets makes staying organized a breeze. Large size and backpack-style bags are also offered in the Bamboo Shopper line, so there's something for every occasion.