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About Trotter

Trotter by Dior - Dior's classic monogram pattern

Dior's Trotter line of handbags became an instant hit after the initial launch in the fall and winter accessories collections of 2001 and 2002. Since the first collection, many different takes on the Trotter in different colors and materials have been released. Compared to Dior's main line of accessories, the Trotter bags are favored by younger women for their more casual feel which goes with a wider range of outfits. The name comes from the idea of a trotting horse - and it would have to be a fast one to keep up with the popularity of the line - the limited-edition handbags were offered in a range of hues from pink and baby blue to navy and brown, all of which were enthusiastically snapped up by fans.


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The understated look of Dior Trotter bags is the key to their appeal - the feel is young and casual, but those in the know will instantly recognize its luxury fashion cred. Bags in bright colors are often made from nylon material, while more neutral colors are often rendered in PVC-coated jacquard fabric. The differing materials also mean the line offers a items for every taste - bright colors for a cuter, casual look and neutral tones for classic elegance.

The numerals 1 and 2 adorning most models is an idea from former Dior head designer John Galliano, and are inspired by the number on a jockey's jersey. Bags marked with a 1 are common worldwide, while Japan has favored Trotter bags marked with 2. The number often decorates the right side of the bag, and to many this numeral design is the signature detail of the line. Even the more understated designs look right at home with a more casual look due to the sports-inspired numeral design.

The Trotter line offers charms and rings in addition to bags and wallets. Although many bags and wallets carry the signature number design, models without this mark are also available. The number bags nod to a sportswear heritage, and the sporty look is underlined by nylon straps, often in different-color stripes. The bags without numbers are also less casual, offering instead leather handles for a more grown-up look. An Easter egg for Dior fans is the lining of Dior shoes, which is often decorated with the Trotter pattern!