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Lady Dior by Dior - the quintessential Dior handbag

Lady Dior is the jewel in the crown of Dior's handbag collection. As the name indicates, the style is the height of ladylike sophistication and lends the Dior touch to any ensemble. This lambskin bag has a long history, and has been well-loved and well-used by women all over the world. Lambskin has a natural shine which both highlights and helps create the classically elegant look of Lady Dior bags. The signature quilted pattern and logo charm are the hallmarks of this style. The feminine elegance the Lady Dior exudes rivals any jewelry, and is the key to the iconic status of the design.


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Bags ・Lady Dior

The iconic Lady Dior handbag was first launched in 1994. Its original name was Cannage Cuir - "cannage" comes from the rattan design on the salon chairs from Dior's original presentation, and the geometric pattern inspired by these chairs have become synonymous with the house. The design was later renamed Lady Dior in homage to Princess Diana, who was frequently seen carrying the bag. Inspired by Lady Diana, the bag became the Lady Dior bag.

The Lady Dior combines a clean, boxy shape with distinctive hardware and solid leather handles. The prominent charm is a key point of the design, and sits at the base of the handle. The metal and leather charm attached at the handle spells out D-i-o-r. Each letter moves independently, making gentle sounds as the carrier moves. The Lady Dior bag is finished with all-over topstitching in the signature Dior Cannage pattern - double lines of vertical and horizontal stitching, boldly intersected by single diagonal lines. The handle is big enough to carry the bag on your shoulder, but it can also be carried in the crook of the arm.

Lady Dior comes in a range of colorways, with black lambskin remaining a popular part of the lineup ever since the bag's 1994 launch. The charm and hardware come in two different colors - elegant gold, or cool-toned silver. Three sizes of Lady Dior bag are available, which differ in both appearance and storage capacity. The mini bag can hold smaller items, like a small wallet, mobile phone, cosmetics and similar, while standard size lets you carry all your daily essentials, like a notebook or cosmetics pouch. The large size fits even folders and documents, and therefore makes for a steady companion even in business settings.