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Celine (Céline)

About Celine (Céline)

Celine (Céline) - An elegant and distinct celebrity staple

Celine is a brand with remarkable presence in the fashion world, even among other high-end labels. Since its debut in 1945, Celine has gone from being one of the first luxury brands in the industry to having a worldwide fan base. Celebrities, in particular, have been known to show love for the brand. Celine specializes in leather goods and accessories, such as shoes and bags. A Celine bag's appeal lies in its highly functional yet sophisticated design. From 1999, Michael Kors left his mark as Celine's Creative Director by incorporating sportswear elements into the line for the first time. While this brand is perfect for a career woman in an urban area, the beauty of Celine's elegant, simple designs attracts a wide spectrum of people.


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Celine (Céline)
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Celine was founded as a Parisian made-to-measure children's shoe boutique in 1945 by Celine Vipiana and her husband, Richard. The brand's skillfully crafted leather shoes attracted so much business from members of the upper-class that three more of the boutiques were built over the course of the next three years! By 1965, Celine was able to expand its product line to include bags, gloves, perfumes, scarves, clothing and accessories. Celine adapted to consumer demand in 1967 by officially changing its business model to a ready-to-wear women's fashion brand with a focus on sportswear.

Modern Celine showcases beautiful, practical designs with an air of sophistication. One of the brand's most popular bags, the Sulky, is characterized by buckle handles and an allover horse-and-carriage pattern. In fact, the entire Sulky collection is arguably Celine's most successful and vintage pieces from the line are highly valued to this day. The Sulky line's horse-and-carriage design was part of a limited edition Spring/Summer launch in 2010, which makes items with this print especially rare. Vintage Celine items with the carriage gold clasp are also a very popular due to their distinctiveness and scarcity.

As for other legendary Celine items, the Paris MacAdam line is beloved for capturing the unique flavor of Parisian street style with its use of unexpectedly rustic materials, like denim and brass. The now iconic Luggage Tote by current Celine Creative Director Pheobe Philo flew off the shelves after its launch in 2010. The Luggage Tote's unique and eye-catching design is a favorite among celebrities and has been featured in many paparazzi photos over the years. Great for adding a feminine and luxurious edge to even the most casual outfit, Celine bags are a stylish choice.