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Angelic Pretty

About Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty - a world of frills and fairy tales

Angelic Pretty is a lolita fashion brand featuring a broad range of fairytale-inspired and nostalgic designs such as sweets, circuses and merry-go-rounds, cosmetics and more. The Angelic Pretty look makes wearers seem like they jumped from the pages of a beautiful picture book. With a color palette ranging from subdued neutrals to colorful pastels, there's a look for every taste. Angelic Pretty provides everything you need for a head-to-toe, completely coordinated look - from wigs to shoes! This brand brings wonderland to the real world with nostalgic motifs and exuberant designs. <br />


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Angelic Pretty
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The main staples of Angelic Pretty collections are one-piece dresses that can be worn alone, and jumper skirt pinafore dresses that go over a coordinating blouse or similar. Angelic Pretty blouses are notable for combining oversize ribbons and collars with finely-crafted details. Other staple items include hair bows, bonnets, shoes and accessories. Dresses and jumper skirts ordinarily retail for around 30,000 yen, while blouses are around 15,000 yen.

Angelic Pretty was launched in 1979.The company's first location was a select-shop named Pretty located in the famous Laforet center in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood. In 2001, designers Maki and Asuka launched their own original brand, Angelic Pretty.

Lolita fashion itself was once seen as existing primarily for visual-kei girls, but is now popular with girls from a range of backgrounds and with varying interests.
When it comes to sweetly adorable styles featuring nostalgic motifs and an abundance of frills, Angelic Pretty remains the go-to brand.