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About Mikazuki Munechika

Touken Ranbu Mikazuki Munechika - The trump card of Touken Ranbu

Mikazuki Munechika is a character that appears in Touken Ranbu (which can be translated into English as "Wild Dance of Swords"), a free-to-play collectible card browser video game developed by DMM Games and Nitroplus. Released in 2015, it quickly became popular and has been adapted into three anime series, multiple stage play, and a live-action film. Players assume the role of a sage who travels into the past to defeat evil spirits with their ability to animate legendary swords which appear in the game as attractive young men. Touken Ranbu is often seen as a gender-swapped clone of Kantai Collection, also published by DMM. Mikazuki is a tachi sword crafted during the Heian period and is a part of the treasured Tenga Goken (the five great swords of Japan). Mikazuki is seen as the mascot of the series and often appears center stage in Touken Ranbu promotional materials.


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Badges > Mikazuki Munechika

Despite being the mascot of the series, Mikazuki was infamous for having the highest rarity in-game when Touken Ranbu was first launched, until the character Juzumaru was introduced. In the game, he is laid-back and friendly with players in spite of his status as a top-class sword in the Heian court. As one of the most popular Touken Danshi, Mikazuki is one of the only characters featured in every adaptation of the series. Mikazuki is the main character in the anime adaptation Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu as well as being the main focus of the Touken Ranbu stage plays and live action movie.

Munechika Mikazuki is a tachi sword (a sword used by the Samurai class in feudal Japan) crafted by an expert swordsmith of the Heian court, Sanjou Munechika. Mikazuki is one of the five great swords of Japan, considered by many to be the most beautiful and elegant of all. Mikazuki's most notable feature is the crescent moon-shaped pattern of its blade. His most notable owner was the Kengo Shogun, of the Ashikaga shogunate who fought his last battle with Mikazuki before his death.

Although Mikazuki is not the oldest sword featured in Touken Ranbu, he is referred to by others as "Jiji" (old man) due to his brotherly nature. Mikazuki is seen as the personification of elegance and nobility in all adaptions of the series and makes men and women alike swoon in his presence. Due to his iconic design and beautiful looks, it's no wonder that Mikazuki is one of the most popular Touken Danshi out there.