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About Rin Shibuya

THE iDOLM@STER Rin Shibuya - The Always-Serious Idol

Rin Shibuya is a character from a Japanese arcade game by 765 Production called The Idolmaster (stylized as THE iDOLM@STER and abbreviated as IMAS or IM@S). Rin is a 15-year-old idol who lives in a flower shop, where she occasionally helps her parents with the business. She has sleek black hair and often wears her school uniform. She is cool and trendy with an aloof demeanor that makes her seem unapproachable. Rin warms up and becomes more open and honest once she becomes close friends with someone. She is voiced by Ayaka Fukuhara.


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Figures > Rin Shibuya

The Idolmaster (stylized as THE iDOLM@STER, and abbreviated as IMAS or IM@S) debuted in arcades across Japan as a raising simulation and rhythm video game by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2005. The original arcade version of Idolmaster primarily centers around the career of a producer who works with a group of prospective idols at the talent agency 756 Production (or 756 Pro). A recurring theme in the series emphasizes the struggles an idol must go through to achieve stardom. The franchise has since grown into numerous sequels and spin-offs across multiple game consoles, including three social network games. The series has also produced a variety of other media such as anime DVDs, soundtrack CDs, manga and other print media, audio dramas, radio shows and a Korean drama. This vast range of works has culminated into the multimedia development project known as Project iM@S, with official releases in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English.

Rin is a calm and hard-working young woman who serves as the first choice for players who choose to begin the game with the Cool category. She is notable for being the very first of the idols introduced in the game to receive an S Rare card after she proved popular among players. She is also the first to be announced for a CD debut. The growth of her fanbase and her being the first one to go from a tutorial idol to getting a CD debut has earned her quite a bit of popularity, making her a sort of poster girl for the Cinderella Girls.

Rin is sometimes overly serious to a comedic point. While she tends to be very direct, she also has a sweet side that she occasionally shows others. She is self-conscious that her default expression comes across as unfriendly. Her cool, level-headed demeanor is put to the test when she's stuck in the same room as Ranko Kanzaki, Kaede Takagaki, and Riina Tada. On the Cinderella Radio show, her co-hosts Uzuki Shimamura and Mika Jougasaki tend to steer the discussion to bizarre places if she doesn't keep them on track. Rin is also the sole survivor of Kaede's crazy alcohol drink mix. She has a Yorkie dog, Hanako, who she jokingly consults for advice from time to time. She is part of two separate three-girl circles: the New Generation trio with Mio Honda and Uzuki (who are fellow idols she debuted with) and the Triad Primus unit with Nao Kamiya and Karen Hojo (who she was friends with in school before her idol debut).