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About Chihaya Kisaragi

THE iDOLM@STER Chihaya Kisaragi - The coolest character in IDOLM@STER with a tragic past

Chihaya Kisaragi is one of the original idols from 765 Production, first appearing in the arcade version of THE IDOLM@STER which was released in 2005. She is a recurring character throughout the series, appearing in all the 765PRO console games and THE IDOLM@STER Million Live!: Theater Days Mobile game. Her tragic childhood led her to focus all of her energy on singing, which led her to miss out on many opportunities to broaden her repertoire as an idol. Despite her skillset being firmly focused on her vocal abilities, that doesn't mean that Chihaya isn't an accomplished idol. In fact, in the DS game THE IDOLM@STER Dearly Stars, Chihaya rose up the ranks to become the most famous of all the 765 Production idols combined. Voiced by Asami Imai, Chihaya's stoic demeanor and elegant looks has made her a fan favorite since the first arcade version of IDOLM@STER.


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Figures > Chihaya Kisaragi

Chihaya Kisaragi is a talented songstress, dedicating all of her free time to perfecting her singing voice. Known for her cold and stoic exterior, Chihaya is often careful with her words and how she expresses her emotions. Because of this, her fellow members can sometimes see her heartless, despite her actually harboring affectionate feelings for her friends. But Chihaya's reason for being so closed off comes from her tragic family life. Chihaya once had a younger brother named Yuu, who died in a car accident while Chihaya was a child. After his death, her parents began fighting constantly causing Chihaya to despise them. Due to her difficult home life, Chihaya focused most of her time on becoming the best singer she can possibly be and is considered one of IDOLM@STER's top vocalists.

Despite Chihaya's cool demeanor, she is actually considered one of the comic relief characters due to her bizarre sense of humor and signature "ku" sound she makes when upset or frustrated. In fact, in the official anime and manga adaptations Chihaya is depicted as the character who gives the most laughs in the series. As she is a character who has been in the series since its conception, Chihaya is a favorite among the IDOLM@STER fan community, featuring in a large number of fan-created artworks and stories.

In IDOLM@STER's gameplay, Chihaya's mood is extremely unstable, making her in-game "tension levels" difficult to control. If the player fails to greet her properly in the morning or gets a low score within training, her tension level would remain low for much longer than other characters within the game. This phenomenon within the game has become known to fans as the "Chihaya Spiral."