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About Phoenix Ikki

Saint Seiya Phoenix Ikki - Saint Seiya's undying Phoenix

Phoenix Ikki is a character from the legendary manga series Saint Seiya (also known as Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac) by Masami Kurumada which was later adapted into a popular anime that was broadcast around the world. The original manga series ran for five years between 1985 and 1990 in Weekly Shonen Jump which was a hit in Japan and in many countries around the world. The series is inspired by the complex pantheon of Greek mythology with the main story following five valiant Saints (or Knights, depending on the adaptation) who all have powers bestowed on them by the mystical energy of the cosmos. Phoenix Ikki is one of these so-called Saints, representing the bronze Saint of Phoenix. He is the older brother of Andromeda Shun, one of the main protagonists of the series but as the other Saints point out during the series, it's hard to believe they are related due to the stark differences in their personalities. Ikki's role in the story is significant, serving the role as the first antagonist in the series, but later becoming a powerful ally.


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Phoenix Ikki is known for his brooding loner personality, which sets him apart from the other Saints, especially his younger brother Shun, who is seen as bright and cheerful. While initially he is viewed as somewhat antagonistic in the manga, it is later revealed that his tough exterior hides a compassionate and kind soul. Although he prefers to work alone and is often resistant to teamwork, he is a loyal warrior who always arrives just in time to fight alongside his brother and friends. He is an honorable, mature and complex character who is always willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.

Ikki's "Phoenix Cloth" represents the constellation of Phoenix, which is a representation of the immortal bird that is reborn from the ashes, found in the folklore of many cultures. Mirroring this association with rebirth, the Cloth has the ability to heal itself if damaged, or change into a new form. This is notable since the other Cloths require a sacrifice of blood from a Saint in order to be repaired. Ikki himself also reflects the power of the mythical bird, returning from the dead several times in the series. Since Ikki was born under the sign of Leo, he also dons the Leo Gold Cloth during his fight against Thanatos, the god of death.

Despite being classed as a Bronze Saint, Ikki is incredibly powerful and is often confronted with the strongest of enemies. Just like his mythical namesake, Ikki's power increases every time he is killed and resurrected. His physical attack is the Phoenix Wings Rise, which gathers the power of wind and heat, unleashing them in a single crushing blow. It is Ikki's signature move, and he often uses it to wipe out several enemies at a time. His other attack is the Phoenix Illusion Demoniac Fist which instead attacks the minds of its victims as opposed to the Phoenix Wings Rise attack. Once executed, Ikki's cosmic power sends nightmare illusions to the opponent's brain, trapping them in an illusion that is indistinguishable from reality. Due to Ikki's terrific power and fierce loyalty, he is a firm fan favorite not only within the Bronze Saints but also throughout the series as a whole.