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About Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury - A shy bookworm, sweet friend, and brave warrior

Sailor Mercury is a fictional character within the Sailor Moon franchise, expanded from the original eponymous magical-girl manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. She is the superhero identity of Ami Mizuno (renamed Amy Anderson in some English adaptations), a teenage Japanese schoolgirl who is part of the Sailor Soldiers, female supernatural fighters who protect the Solar System from evil. Sailor Mercury is the first Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Sailor Moon. She serves as the "brains" of the group, as she is highly intelligent and can also use a supercomputer to collect useful information mid-battle. She possesses powers associated with water and sports shades of blue as her signature color.


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Ami's most emphasized character trait is that she is extremely intelligent. In the anime and manga, other characters speculate that she has an IQ of 300. In the stage musicals, this is stated as a fact. In the musicals, anime, and live action adaptation, she is portrayed to be adept at English. Ami is also depicted as kind, shy, serious, gentle, loyal, and slightly insecure. She loves to read and dreams of one day becoming a doctor, like her mother. This goal is realized in both Parallel Sailor Moon and the live action series. While it doesn't manifest in the musicals, Ami's dreams of being a doctor and leaving Japan to study abroad remain a recurring theme.

Ami relies heavily on the approval of her mother, teachers, and friends in the beginning of the Sailor Moon series, but she becomes stronger and more confident in herself as the story progresses. She is generally the most sensible of the main characters and is often the only one who gets embarrassed when the group has a dull-witted moment. Throughout the series, much of Ami's free time is spent studying. Ami is shown to enjoy reading, chess, and swimming as forms of relaxation. She excels in all of her classes, especially mathematics. Unsurprisingly, Ami even belongs to her school's computer club and is one of its most knowledgeable members. As she often comically scolds her friends for not doing their homework, Ami's perfectionist tendencies in regard to her studies becomes a running gag among the group. Contrary to the usual depiction of a bookworm, Ami also enjoys pop culture and romance novels, though she is usually embarrassed to admit it.

Sailor Mercury has the power to create and manipulate water. In the first story arc, she uses her water-manipulating abilities to create dense clouds of fog to disorient the enemy while her allies prepare more direct attacks. She uses a total of five attacks in the first series, most of which are variations of the first. Sailor Mercury's first major offensive attack is Shine Aqua Illusion, introduced in the second story arc. This maneuver uses a projectile to either freeze the enemy or create a defensive barrier out of ice. Aside from variations on her other moves (which mostly increase in strength with the addition of "Freezing" or "Snow" to the title), her next formal attack is Mercury Aqua Mirage and is used during the third arc of the manga. Her final and greatest superpower comes in the fourth story arc, when she takes on her second Sailor Soldier form (Super Sailor Mercury in the anime). At this stage, she acquires a special weapon called the Mercury Harp which she uses to perform Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, her primary attack for the duration of the story.