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Unboxing: Sailor Moon Items Japanese Anime

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Hi guys! So, today is another day we at FROM JAPAN bring you another unboxing video. And so, today I wonder what kind of items we have to show you. Let's see! Same as in our last video, the items are ordered from Amazon and we have purchased these items using our Basic Forwarding Plan. So, at FROM JAPAN, we have two plans: Buyer Protection Plan and Basic Forwarding Plan. It's like a pressed packing, so it looks like this but even if you turn it around, upside-down… Can I do that? Let's see what happens. Oh, yea! See? It sticks.

[Two-Way Luna Bag]

It's a black bag with a crescent moon sign. It gives really Luna vibes to me. So, I can easily go to work with this bag, wearing my work outfit. I don't know if you can see. I'm wearing, like, black pants so, it really matches my outfit. As you can see, it has cat ears. So, I guess they made it shaped like Luna. Ohhh, nice! So, the inside material is really pretty. You get an Artemis and Luna pattern. So, let's add this. So, this is how the bag looks like, full-length. It's light, compact. Ready to work! Here I go.

[Sailor Moon Capsule Toys: Deluxe Set]

So, this… What is this? Oh, it's a… capsule toys. So, it's Sailor Moon capsule toys: deluxe-edition six-item set. First, we have something which looks like a… Oh, nice! It's a hair… tie? Hair tie! Hair ribbon? Hair tie. It has, like, a pretty crystal hanging from it. And it has the Sailor Moon, like, signature… patterns, I guess. I'm just going to try putting it on, because why not? Yep! Well, it holds my hair, no problem. Now, what else do we have? Okay, I think that' s a—oh yea, it's a pouch, “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.” Add this to here and see if it fits… It fits perfectly, lots of space. So, I can put this now into my new bag! And, what would this be…? Alright, that's, like, a keychain. It has, like, a… It has a rubber tip. I have a feeling you can use it maybe for your phone or something. Like, to touch screen. So, after a lengthy struggle… And after finding this manual, I could build my own Transformation Mirror. Ta-da! And I could find the explanation about which item is what. I can see this one is… “Sailor Moon”… No, “Sailor Change Star Mirror.” And this goes into the collection with my own personal… pen—touch pen! “Kaleidomoon Scope Touch Pen.” This one will be “Sailor Star”… “Sailor Star Case.” Star Case. I can collect my stars in here, aha! Open the Star Case… Oh my god, so many stars! It's empty. We can open the Star Case and we can close the Star Case and maybe we can put something in the Star Case… It's perfect for my ring. D'ah! Yes, here we go, one more mirror. Aw, doesn't it look beautiful? My Sailor Moon collection… is not complete yet, because we have… Ooh!

[Sailor Moon Crystal Brooch Stereo Earphones]

Sailor Moon earphones, what do you know? Let's just actually try connecting these to my phone. We have Luna here. And she even has, like, a moon mark on her forehead. Oh, really comfy. I already can't hear anything with my right ear, so they really block the outside sounds. I have Luna here, just like a necklace. Ooh, ah, this is so nice, Let me just show you the print on the earphone itself. The shape is like this. So, when I was checking online I found many different versions of earphones. There are ones with wings and more elaborate designs. These ones are the most basic ones but, you know. Simple is best, for me.

[S.H. Figuarts: Super Sailor Moon Figure]

One more item. It's Sailor Moon herself! It's a figure. Oh, wow. Ooh, so many parts… Nice! You can really have fun with this. So, not only the figure is included but also a set of facial expressions and hand gestures. It has all her special… wonder-things, whatever you call those. And I think it comes with a stand as well. This looks like the stand. We have a heart-shaped stand. Also, we have instructions. Let's get her out. Freedom! Okay, and here's the figure. Ooh… Oh, it's actually soft. It moves in all ways possible. So… Oh, no, okay, you see, I thought her bow, I thought—on her back—is made of fabric but no, actually it's made of this plastic-rubber material. I'm not sure what it is, but it looks so natural and so soft that I thought it's a fabric. But now that I actually feel it, it's not. You can see her hair is like see-through, kind of. So, you can see her hand. Her hand moves, her elbow, her arm. So, you can do whatever you want. You can turn the hand. And she's scratching her hair! Her hair doesn't move. Her hair is fixed. Oh no! Nah, no problem. I'll adjust it back. Here you go. And let's go to her legs… Kick! I don't know what kind of pose this is. Obviously, I'm so good at this… But I promise I'll get better! Yea, you can even move her waist. So, you can turn her around. You can see… And her head—yep, her neck also moves. So, let me just try adjusting different hands to her. So, I'm just also going to change her face. I have three different… I have the blissful—I guess this is where she is transforming. And, I think, I have kind of semi-angry. And, kind of, very angry shouting expression. So, I'm just going to go with the last one. So, I'm going to remove her face! Oh god, I'm scared. Oh my god, no. I removed the top of her hair. So, first, you have to remove the top of her hair and now she is, like, balding. Ew, it looks horrible… Ooh, it came off. This is my version of Sailor Moon. I'm sure you can make her look cuter, but I just want to bully her. Should I make her look cuter? So, this is what I have. She looks very scary and drunk. Oh, okay. Ooh, I did it. She looks very pretty, very kissable. Oh, I completely forgot about her magical superpower transformation tools, gadgets, whatever. Wait, can she hold them? Here you go. So, that's her transformation magical power, whatever, pose. Yay! Nice. So, that's it for this month's unpacking video. I had fun. Thank you guys for watching. And you can purchase all these items using our service, FROM JAPAN! And you can choose from two plans: Basic Forwarding Plan and Buyer's Protection Plan. So, today's items were purchased from Amazon. We used Basic Forwarding Plan for those. All the links are down below, item description is down below. Thank you for your time and see you next month with new items from Japan! Bye guys.

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