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About Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter - A feminine tomboy with the power of earth, lightning, and brute strength

Sailor Jupiter is a fictional character within the Sailor Moon franchise, expanded from the original eponymous manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. She is the superhero identity of Makoto Kino (renamed Lita in some English adaptations), a teenage Japanese schoolgirl who is part of the Sailor Soldiers, female supernatural fighters who protect the Solar System from evil. Sailor Jupiter is the third Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Sailor Moon. She serves as the "muscles" of the group, as she possesses superhuman strength, as well as powers associated with electricity and plants. Green is her signature color.


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Characters > Sailor Jupiter

Makoto's most striking physical feature is her above-average height of 5'6" (or 168 cm), which matches her strong and independent personality. While Makoto receives many comments about how tall she is in the original Japanese versions, this trait is downplayed in English translations since her height is not very uncommon in most English-speaking countries. She is introduced to the series after transferring to Azabu Juban Junior High School, where Usagi Tsukino and Ami Mizuno are her classmates. She is physically very strong and is rumoured to have been kicked out of her previous school for fighting. Because her new school does not offer a uniform in Makoto's size, the administration tells her to wear the one from her old school, which causes her to stand out even more. Despite her tough appearance, Makoto is actually very gentle. She always wears pink rose earrings and a green hair tie to decorate her ponytail.

Across all versions of the series, Makoto is consistently depicted as simultaneously the most masculine and feminine of the Sailor Soldiers. Her domestic talents are explained as a deliberate effort to balance out her tomboyishness. Makoto wishes to someday own a cake and flower shop, which explains why she joins the cooking and gardening clubs at her high school. She also excels in dancing, particularly ice skating. She tends to insist that she is not the least bit feminine, and seems surprised and touched when someone tells her that she is.

In Japanese, the name for the planet Jupiter is "Mokusei," with its first kanji meaning tree and the second indicating a celestial object. Because of this association, Sailor Jupiter's dominant element is wood. Even so, most of her attacks are based on her secondary power of lightning, which is in reference to the Roman god Jupiter. She is by far the most physically fit of the Sailor Soldiers, able to lift a full-grown man above her head even while ice skating. As she grows stronger and more powerful throughout the series, Sailor Jupiter gains additional special abilities and powers. At key points, her Sailor Soldier uniform changes to reflect this.