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About Madoka Kaname

Madoka Kaname - the magical girl who will save the universe!

Madoka Kaname is the main character of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, often abbreviated to Madoka Magica, a 2011 Japanese anime TV series produced by Shaft and Aniplex Studios. Madoka Magica was both commercially successful and critically acclaimed, spawning a spin-off manga series, a novelization, video game adaptations, and a multi-film movie franchise. Written by Gen Urobochi, the story follows a group of middle school students who sign a contract to become magical girls who battle enemies known as witches. Madoka is the titular character of the story and battles with the difficult decision of whether or not to become a magical girl.


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Phone Straps > Madoka Kaname

Madoka Kaname is a shy but kind 14-year-old middle school student and the main character of the series. Before she meets Kyubey, Madoka is a happy girl with an ordinary life with a loving family and close friends. At the start of the series, Madoka is shown to have low self-confidence, believing that she does not have much to offer the world unless she is being kind to other people. Kyubey exploits this part of her personality in order to manipulate her into becoming a magical girl.

After the death of Mami Tomoe, Madoka grows uncertain of whether or not she should become a magical girl, due to the great danger and responsibility that comes with fulfilling the role. It is revealed that in previous timelines, Madoka chose to become a magical girl who wields a bow and arrow. However, at each timeline, Madoka was either killed or transformed into a witch named Kriemhild Gretchen.

Madoka has bright pink hair that she wears in twin tails, which match her bright pink eyes. Her magical girl costume is also pink, with a big poofy skirt and ribbons arranged around the neck, waist, and on her shoes. Madoka also wears white gloves with pink trim and dark pink heels. Her character was designed by Ume Aoki and is arguably the most recognizable character from the entire series. A large amount of merchandise featuring Madoka's image has been produced, including a Nendoroid figure by the Japanese toy company, Good Smile Company.