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Pokemon is a world-famous media franchise spanning multiple genres, from toys and games to anime. The name is a shortening of "Pocket Monsters" - the original Japanese title, derived from the fact that a captured Pokemon would fit in your pocket. The first Pokemon property was Pokemon Red and Green for the original Game Boy. The Pokemon anime premiered on April 1, 1997, and the game and anime together soon gathered a global following, igniting a worldwide Pokemon craze. To date, the Pokemon games have seen global sales of over 280 million units, the anime has been broadcast in 95 countries and regions, and over 21.5 billion Pokemon trading cards have been shipped worldwide, leading to a global Pokemon market valued in excess of 4 trillion yen. Pokemon sparked renewed interest with the 2016 release of mobile game Pokemon Go, which broke multiple download and revenue records and became a much-discussed topic around the world.


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Unboxing: Pokemon Items Japanese Anime

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Wah! Hi guys. Ugh, it's quite heavy… But yea, today at FROM JAPAN, we bring you another unboxing video. And for those of you who watched our previous videos, you might know that so far we have unboxed One Piece and Sailor Moon. So, here in Japan, in the land of all the sorts of anime that we all love… And I wonder what kind of good we have here today. For domestic shipment, Sagawa Transport is the most preferred shipping option for most of the companies, as well as FROM JAPAN, we use Sagawa express delivery service. And, oh my god, wow! So, today the box is quite heavy and we have so many goods, and spoiler… Maybe you could see already. Let me just show you. Today, we are unboxing… Pikachu! Pikachu? We're unboxing Pokemon items.

[Pokemon Center Original Hooded T-shirt With Pikachu Ears]

So, let's see, Pokemon Center… Okay, it's a t-shirt and apparently it's a Pikachu t-shirt. Let's see. Yep, here we have it. It's a Pikachu t-shirt. Oh, and then, ohhh… It has, like, the cute hoodie which you can wear. Oh, it has like the eyes and the ears and the blush… Basically, a Pikachu face. Okay, and what's in front? Ah, “Pikachu?” Ta-da! So, this is me dressed up as a Pikachu and oh my god, I love it! It's so cute.

[Pikachu Coin Bank]

Oh, oh okay. I think this one has been really popular recently. Let me show you. I've seen this coin box with a panda version and also, there is a Ghibli version. And, well, today we are unboxing Pokemon so I guess that's why we chose to purchase Pikachu version! So, before opening, we have some instructions. We have step one, two, three, four. And, let's see. So, step one: Put the coin on the yellow circle. And then Pikachu comes out. And then Pikachu comes and steals your money. And doesn't give them away until you really need them. That's how you save money, people. Ta-da! Let's see if it works. Ooh, excited! What if it doesn't work? Ah. Okay, and then… Oh, yea… Aaah, it's so cute! Ah, it's so cute. So, there's the coin and then slightly push it… Ah, such a great help for people like me who can't save money. With this one, I'll just want to put more and more coins, right? I'm going to put 500\. Yea, big guns. Oh, okay, that was… So, let's try. Yes! Aah. The 500\ coin is quite big and heavy but, yea. And I actually was even, like, holding it at a weird angle but, yea, the coin is in, so… high-quality item and so much fun to play with.

[Pokemon Terrarium Collection]

Okay, let's go to the next one. And the next one is quite heavy and, so… I don't know, it shows lots of Pokemon. So, I guess all of these are inside but, what is this? Maybe you guys know already but I have no idea still. It's a terrarium… “Terrarium”? Ahem, collection of Pokemon. Well, it has Pikachu drawn on each of them, so… Oh yea, let's just open the first one! So?Wah, I'm sorry. Oh, I think. Oh, oh, it's Snorlax, Snorlax! Right, so, three parts?three sections. So, let me just show you. That will be my nice lake with the bridge and the flower. Ooh… he stays, nice. Ooh, only a little. He's so cute, He loves his bridge, his lake, his little flower. He looks very comfy in there. Nice. Who do we have next? I wonder… Wait, is this the candy? Aw, Bulbasaur loves flowers and sunshine. He is, like, covered in flowers. This one, I kind of want to take off the roof because I want him to enjoy the sunshine. Wah, I'm getting good at this. She looks so confused, she's like “Whaaat? Whaaat?” But yea, she looks comfy in her little small whirlpool. Dragonair will go to her friends! And we have three more left. So, first we have the first layer which is, like, a rocky bottom. And then, I'll put some seaweed… Drop! Okay… Maybe, wait, let me put Lapras first, on it. And then, put on top. That's it. And yea! He is just idling on his lovely water surface and we have some seaweed… (singing) Under the sea. Can I stop? Okay, let's… Ooh! Ooh, it has a tiny?Oh, I don't know the name of this Pokemon but, yea! She has a little companion. Oh, here comes Eevee. She's so cute. Now, gently show the viewers… Ta-da! She is showing you her butt… (singing) I like big butts?Okay, I'll stop. And, yea, this is my Eevee terrarium. Oh! He's so much cuter than I am. Yea… yea! Ah, slo?and, yea, failure. I'm making a very scary face?No, no, no, no, no! He fell. No, go up! Ugh. You know what… Just?before I throw things, I'm just going to put it nicely away.

[Pokemon Monster Ball Lunch Box]

Alright, okay. This is the last one. And what would this be? What is this? Is it a game? Is it a toy? Oh, it's a lunchbox! Oh my god, that's so cool. So, you know, lunchboxes are so popular in Japan and there are so many of them and they are all so cute. So, this one is shaped like a Pokemon ball and it's secured with, like, this band which has, like, a Pokemon ball decoration on it as well. I can't open this, so I'm just going to rip it off… and hope it's okay. Yea, so this is… So, this is like a belt?Ooh! I woke up everyone. And it has, like, a… Right, well, in Japan, I guess, the bentos are rice-based. So, here you would put your rice, in Japan, and also use it as a plate. So, just eat it from the lunchbox and use it as a bowl. And here, you can put some, I guess, side dishes into your rice. “Pikachu!” Okay, what? Yea, this goes on the top… No, wait, what? This goes in first, then this goes on top. And, like, close it with the red lid. Arrange it so these parts go together. Push, and then secure it with the band. Let me just try putting the band on as well… God! Okay, what, what the hell am I doing? So, this is the lunchbox and this is our last item today.

So, these are all the amazing items I had fun playing with today. So, let me just quickly show you again because I want to play more with the coin box. [crash]?Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Okay, one more time. Wah! So, all of these are awesome presents for yourself as well as your friends, your children. Ah, isn't Japan awesome? Wait, you can't see anything, can you? Yea, so, again, Japan is the best place. You can get all these amazing items from all different anime and all the magical worlds of Pokemon, Sailor Moon, One Piece, and… I wonder what's next? And I'm so lucky to be here and show these awesome goods to you guys and get the chance to play with them. And wear a Pikachu t-shirt. So, thank you guys for watching. If you want these items, you can use our service, FROM JAPAN. The link is down below. And we will be very happy to help you guys get your desired items from Japan. Thank you guys for watching. See you next time. Bye! Wait, these are not hands but I'm just going to try to wave… Bye guys.

Unboxing: Pokemon Items Japanese Anime

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Hello! My name's Haley and I am with FROM JAPAN. We are?as you may know?a shopping proxy service that lets you buy things directly from Japan that are normally kind of difficult to get. And today, we're going to be unboxing a box of goodies from Japan that might be something that you would order. So, let's take a look inside this box. FROM JAPAN actually repackages items. We give you that option. So, if you want to make sure that your package is in very, very safe condition when you have it sent, that's a service that we offer. So, let's take a look inside… And I love really cute stuff, so I wanted to get, you know, stuff that I like. So, you'll find out a little bit about me in this. And, in here… I'll give you a little peek. In here, we have a lot of Pokemon stuff! I'll go through one-by-one and, of course, this is just a tiny taste of the things that you can get. So, our service really allows you to buy things that don't ship outside of Japan normally… like this Pikachu hat!

[Pikachu Costume Cap]

So, I thought this was really cute. It's a little hat that you can use to dress up like Pikachu and?I just really love Pokemon, so… Let's try on our Pikachu hat. Alright, let's see what else is in our box… Like I said, I got a lot of Pokemon stuff, so I hope you like Pokemon.

[Pokemon Magnetic Clip Set]

Here, we have very nicely bubble-wrapped some magnetic clip bands. So, these are just some little clips that you can use to keep your headphone?your earbuds nice and tidy. You can wrap them up. So, here's some example uses of that. And they have really cute little Pokemon designs on them, so this one's PIkachu. We've got Bulbasaur, Eevee?super cute?Charmander, and Squirtle. You can get a Pokemon that you like and show your love of Pokemon with some magnetic clips, or…

[Pikachu & Eevee's Easter Pouch]

You could grab something like this, which is a little pouch. And this its from the Pokemon Center. Sometimes, the Pokemon Center has exclusive items that you can only get for a limited time. They can be kind of rare. And this is one of those things. So, this is from a recent collection. You can see, it's very, like, spring… It's from the Pikachu and Eevee Easter collection. So, sometimes, things like this?they're only available in Japan from the Pokemon Center and in order to get stuff like this, you have to use a shopping service and we're a good one to use! So, here's the inside?it's just, it's really nice quality. And that's another thing about Pokemon Center merchandise, it's really nice quality. It's got a cute little pom pom here, nice Pikachu and Eevee design. So, that one's really cute. Let's see what else we have in here! Lalala…

[""Pikachu Loves Ketchup"" Blind Box Mystery Figures]

We also have a collection of little Pikachu figures. So, this is really cute. You can see, it's a bunch of Pikachu figures. So, inside, you have all of these… Pikachu figures! You can get this whole box and it's a surprise what you get inside. So, you would get eight of them and you have the choices of all these ones on the outside. Yea, so this would be a really good one if you're a collector or if you want to get a lot of figurines for your friends.

[Pokemon Magnetic Clip Set]

I'm going to show you a little bit of what these can do. Let's start with Pikachu! Why not? So, I have a cord here and we're going to nicely wrap the cord using our Pikachu magnetic clip. So, if you have things that you need to store like this… It's got a really nice, firm grip and you can see, it's all tidy! So, this also works for earbuds and they're magnetic; that's how they get such a secure little grip when you close them. So, you can also use them as a magnet, which I'll show you. For example… Ta-da! Stick something to a surface, like your fridge. You can store them in your little Eevee and Pikachu pouch.

[""Pikachu Loves Ketchup"" Blind Box Mystery Figures]

Let's take a look at these Pikachu figures. You may or may not know how these mystery boxes work. They're very common in Japan and, you can see, there are a lot of different figures on it. You don't know what you're going to get, so we're going to open this whole box and see what kinds of figures are in here. So, first, we got the sad Pikachu. Hold on, I'll show you. He has some different parts here… Oh, it comes with a little piece of gum! That's cute. Pikachu holding some pasta on a fork, that's pretty cute. You've also got the pasta. Let's see?It's actually two different pieces, so, very detailed. We've got pasta on a plate and the little Pikachu that goes with it. It's so cute. Okay, I'm going to put him here so you can?you can see. Next one… Oh, I really want to get the cheeseburger one, so… Looks like we got the omurice Pikachu. There are a lot of different mystery boxes like this that you can get in Japan from all different series, it's not just Pokemon, of course. The plate is so cute! That's so cute. It's got little Pikachu and tomatoes on it. We've got?Oh, this is detailed. So, we've got the omurice with the ketchup and you put it together, like so. Mmhm! And, on the plate?so, it looks like this. It's like a floating?Oh! It's like a floating omurice. And you have just a happy little PIkachu to go with it. So, that's a cute little set. I'll put him beside the pasta Pikachu. I want that cheeseburger! Okay, here's our corndog. It's got a lot of ketchup on it?of course, it's the ketchup collection?and sleeping Pikachu. He's supposed to be sleeping on top of it like this. So, he goes?oh, can you see??right here. Okay, this is kind of the quintessential one from the collection. It's just Pikachu on a ketchup bottle and there's nothing?It's only one part and there's nothing to attach or anything and… He's just chilling on a ketchup bottle. That's really cute. This one is a Pikachu with little tomatoes, so he's got?Aw, he's kind of sad, too! Hold on, I'll show you. So, he's looking sad and his ketchup is, like, split in half! How does that happen? So, he's supposed to be standing like that and then he's?there's just some tomatoes like this and there's one single tomato standing in a pile behind him. I want to know the story behind this one. The name of it is just “Ketchup…” So, he's trying to pull it apart and… you know how it gets when it's really cheesy. Oh, it's the cheeseburger! I feel so American, freaking out like that. We've got a Pikachu and his eyes are looking sparkly. He's looking interested in this cheeseburger. Oh, it's not a cheeseburger, it's a hamburger. No cheese on it. Alright, so, this cheeseburger looks amazing. So much ketchup on there. You've even got some texture inside the bun, that's really nice. And then, here is the Pikachu, looking very excited. So, he's just going to… Here they are together. And he's just going to stand right here with his cheeseburger. Yay! It's the Pikachu with the cooking pot. He's cooking up a big bowl of ketchup?No, I'm kidding. Okay, so, here he is. This Pikachu is so cute! His ears are facing down. And, here's the pot that it comes in. Tell me in the comments what that is. Is that marinara sauce? Is that ketchup? I don't know. And it actually comes out. So, you can put other stuff in the pot, if you want, I guess? And there's a top to the pot. So, that's really cute. You get a complete set. And you can see the Pikachu on the pot. Pot lid, like that, and he's waiting… waiting on his food to be done. So, that's really cute. This is the Pikachu Loves Ketchup collection. So, this is just one example of what you can buy on!

So, again, we've got our Pikachu Loves Ketchup collection, our magnetic clips that are very useful, our pouch with the Eevee and Pikachu collection, and our Pikachu hat, which is very cute. So, I hope you enjoyed this video. Again, my name's Haley with FROM JAPAN. Let us know if you enjoyed the video. Let us know what else you want to see us unbox, what your favorite anime are, and things like that. And, we'll see you next time. Bye!

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In the world of Pokemon, Pokemon Trainers find and capture the eponymous creatures, making them their partner in battling other Pokemon for sport. In the games, the player initially receives their first Pokemon from a Pokemon researcher, and then battles and captures the various Pokemon found in the region. Although the story also captures imaginations, a key part of the appeal of Pokemon games is playing with friends, exchanging Pokemon or battling each other directly. The Pokemon anime tells the story of Ash Ketchum and his journey towards becoming a Pokemon Master, aided by his partner Pikachu. During initial production, the anime producers wanted to make sure the title would appeal to boys and girls alike and reportedly chose to make Pikachu the featured Pokemon to further this aim.

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