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About Ditto

Ditto - The Transforming Pokemon

Ditto's the 132nd Pocket Monster registered in the original 151 Pokedex, first appearing in Pokemon Red and Blue versions (or Red and Green for the Japanese release). According to its Pokedex entry, Ditto stands at 30 centimeters tall at around four kilograms with the ability "Limber", preventing Ditto from being afflicted by paralysis. Ditto takes the form of an elastic purplish pink blob, stretching far beyond its small stature when transforming into different Pokemon. It is one of the few Pokemon with transforming powers, with the ability to transform into other Pokemon and even humans and inanimate objects. While Ditto's ability to transform into other Pokemon is an impression, that is its only skill as a Pokemon, unable to learn any other move (even with the help of TMs) apart from "Transform".


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Pokemon Center Original Items > Ditto

When two Ditto meet in the wild, they will endlessly attempt to transform into each other. Ditto will also transform into a rock while sleeping in order to avoid being attacked by other wild Pokemon. Capable of only learning one move, Ditto is not often used in battle, but since Ditto is able to breed with every single Pokemon (excluding legendaries) it is often used to exploit the in-game breeding mechanics.

When Ditto first appeared in the anime, its signature vacant expression remained when it transformed into another Pokemon. While this can be seen as a flaw in Ditto's transforming abilities, his adorably blank expression soon became beloved by many. These Ditto versions of Pokemon became so popular that illustrations from the official Pokemon trading card game would often release cards depicting Ditto's various failed attempts at transforming into different Pokemon. In 2016, the Pokemon Center released the first wave of the incredibly popular Ditto Transforms! merchandise series, depicting Ditto transforming into other Pokemon while retaining his own face. In this series, Ditto has transformed into 30 different Pokemon, including Pikachu, Gengar, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Snorlax and many of the Eeveelutions.

At the initial launch of Pokemon Go in July 2016, despite being one of the original 151 Pokemon, Ditto was not available for capture, not appearing in the wild until an update in November later that year. Ditto also shows off its transforming abilities in Pokemon Go, always disguising itself as another Pokemon in an attempt to evade capture. At one point, a large amount of Ditto were seen disguised as the then-unrevealed Mythical Pokemon Meltan, a Pokemon whose origins are fully revealed in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee.