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About Gengar

Gengar - The shadow-dwelling ghostly prankster Pokemon

Gengar is a dual-type Ghost/Poison Pokemon, which is a fictional species from Nintendo's and Game Freak's media franchise of the same name. First appearing in Pokemon Red and Blue, Gengar later appeared in subsequent sequels, spin-off games, related merchandise, as well as animated and printed adaptations of the franchise. Gengar has been well-received by the media, praised for its spooky appearance, and specifically noted as being popular among older boys. Media outlets such as IGN and Official Nintendo Magazine have praised its abilities and style, with both naming it one of the series' best characters. Gengar is the most evolved of the three Ghost Pokemon in the series' first generation.


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Lottery Prizes > Gengar

Gengar evolves from Haunter, when traded, and is the final form of Gastly. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Gengar using the Gengarite. Gengar is a dark purple bipedal Pokemon with a round body. It has red eyes and a wide mouth that is usually curled into a sinister toothy grin. Gengar has large pointed ears, stubby limbs with claws, and multiple spikes covering its back. Pokemon artist Ken Sugimori named Gengar as his favorite Pokemon due to its simplistic design.

Gengar are very mischievous and sometimes malicious creatures. They like to retreat into the shadows of rooms, caves, and especially in urban areas such as cities and back alleys at night. Gengar are characterized by a playful nature derived from tormenting people. Gengar enjoy playing practical jokes, such as pretending to be someone's shadow, behaving erratically to cause confusion, then laughing at the victim's fear. Gengar have the ability to lay curses and absorb heat, which spurs a sudden chill. It is said that if Gengar is lurking nearby, the surrounding area cools by nearly 10 °F. Said to steal the lives of those who get lost in the mountains, Gengar slips into its prey's shadow and silently waits for the opportunity to strike. Gengar's description in the seventh-generation game reveals that they are so lonely that they will take the lives of others in order to make friends.

Gengar and its earlier evolutions were popularized in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. IGN called Gengar the best Ghost-type Pokemon in Red and Blue, and also praised its appearance, citing a resemblance to Nekobus from My Neighbor Totoro. Official Nintendo Magazine named Gengar one of the 10 best Pokemon as of 2010, stating that people "either love it or hate it." In a later reader-based poll, it placed ninth as one of the best ghost characters in a Nintendo game, which the magazine attributed to its design.