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About Brock (Takeshi)

Brock Harrison - The Rock-Solid Pokemon Trainer

Brock (known as Takeshi in Japan), a Rock-type Pokemon trainer, is a character in Nintendo's Pokemon franchise. Brock is considered the most mature, wise, and level-headed of the main characters. Though also known for being girl-crazy, he often acts as an older brother, caretaker, and voice of reason in disputes among the other characters. The absence of Brock's father in his childhood forced Brock to care for his many siblings, halting his dreams of becoming a worldly Pokemon Master. In order to stay close to his family, Brock decided to become a local Gym Leader. But one day, upon his father's return, he left his position as Pewter Gym Leader to become Ash Ketchum's travel partner. He eventually became a revered Pokemon Breeder before returning to his hometown of Pewter City for training as a Pokemon Doctor. Along with the anime, he has appeared in several Pokemon manga series, including Pokemon Adventures and the Ash & Pikachu manga.


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Pokemon (also known as Pocket Monsters) is a Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokemon Company, a Japanese consortium between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and is centered around humans, called Pokemon Trainers, that catch and train fictional creatures, called Pokemon, to battle for sport. The franchise began as a pair of video games for the original Game Boy titled Pokemon Red and Green (released outside of Japan as Pokemon Red and Blue). When sequels to the original games are released that feature new Pokemon, characters, and gameplay concepts, that sequel is considered the start of a new generation of the franchise. The main Pokemon video games and their spin-offs, the anime, manga, and trading card game are all updated with the new Pokemon properties each time a new generation begins.

Not much is known about Brock's early childhood and, according to some notes on official sketches of his character, his age is set at 15 during the start of the series. Brock is an experienced cook and caretaker by nature, so he makes a lot of home-cooked meals for his Pokemon and friends. Brock also often helps and supports people even against his better judgment or at his own expense. His wisdom and empathy is possibly derived from his sharp perception skills; he can tell how a Pokemon is feeling by sight alone. Despite this, all his maturity and rationality leaves him completely at the sight of a beautiful woman. One of his most well-known character traits is his tendency to fall in love with every pretty woman he meets, particularly Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. He can even tell whether they are real or imposters, as well as spot the differences between them. This "ability" has been used multiple times in the series.