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About Choromatsu

Choromatsu - the straight man of the six Matsuno brothers

Choromatsu Matsuno first appears as a character in the comedy manga Osomatsu-kun, originally created by Fujio Akatsuka, who later appears in the 2015 reimagining of the series Osomatsu-san. He is the third-eldest of the sextuplets, often seen as Osomatsu's main partner in crime when it comes to troublemaking. In his Osomatsu-san depiction, Choromatsu sees himself as the intelligent and logical one of the sextuplets, and he therefore is considered the most mature out of the six. However, Choromatsu still retains the family mischief-loving streak, often joining in with the silliness of his brothers. Choromatsu is also a self-proclaimed otaku, making him a fan favorite within Osomatsu-kun.


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Figures > Choromatsu

Choromatsu is one of the stand-out characters against the other brothers alongside the eldest brother Osomatsu. His mature demenour and take-charge nature is something that he uses to characterize himself early on, setting him apart as an individual against the other sextuplets. Choromatsu is often at Osomatsu's side, becoming the most prominent duo is the series. Despite knowing better, Choromatsu goes along with Osomatsu's various schemes leading to the hijinks seen in the Osomatsu-san anime.

Choromatsu usually plays the straight man against his brothers' over-the-top antics and seems to be the only one truly concerned that they have reached adulthood without having a job. He considers himself the most mature out of all the brothers, often remarking that he should be the eldest and in charge over Osomatsu. However, Choromatsu relaxes his somewhat serious demenour around attractive women (particulary Nyaa and Totoko) which is his biggest weakness.

Despite his maturity and intelligence in many areas of his life, Choromatsu is not a crafty or secretive person and is poor at hiding his thoughts and emotions. He has a tendency to overthink things and get in a panic. In episode 12 of the 2015 anime, Osomatsu and Totoko make comments about how his serious and by-the-book way of doings things is not his "true personality" which is further revealed throughout the show.