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Unboxing: Osomatsu-san Items Japanese Anime

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Hi guys, and welcome back to another unboxing video from FROM JAPAN! So, we're so happy to have you back here and I'm so excited to do another unboxing video for you guys today. And, let's see what kind of items we have today. So, today we're unboxing Osomatsu-san and I hope you guys are as excited as I am! So, let's see. So, we have a stainless bottle… Ooh, it's those tiny figures which you put on, like, cups and your desk and your laptop. I think you call it “Fuchiko,” in Japanese. “Putitto,” in English. Wow, crazy packing. Thank God I ate breakfast today. This is not easy, you guys. Oh, this is the last item we have. Looks like a bag… Oh, it's a tote bag. Ooh, no, we have many more items! It was just wrapped in a very secretive way, but—Ta-da! We have a tote bag. And then… What is this? Ooh, right, I thought it's just a bottle—a plastic bottle, but it has a t-shirt inside. Want to have a look?

[Osomatsu-san x Shimamura Collaboration Sweat's: Karamatsu Ver.]

So, it's just a, I guess, Osamatsu-san-themed plastic bottle—drinking bottle which, I guess, you can reuse after this, after you take out the t-shirt. But inside, yea, it has a t-shirt with an Osomatsu-san character and I got the “Karamatsu.” Right, so now I have a dilemma: how to get this t-shirt from this tiny hole. Wait, is there a smarter way to do this? Okay, I'm not very smart. Actually, there is, like, simple instructions. Apparently the top can be removed so, I'll just try doing that. Whew, okay, it's hot. Oh, yay! Oh, wow, the t-shirt is massive. Which size is it? Hm, it's L-size. A big girl like me, why not? Ta-da! Ooh. We have Karamatsu being creepy, as always. And, also, this bottle—It has, like, a… something. You can put it on your… Like, yea, you're supposed to, like, connect it to, I guess, your keys or your—for example, denim jeans or something but, why? Why would you do that?

[Jushimatsu Tote Bag C]

Seeing as I'm dressing up, why don't I unbox the tote bag? And, this one… I guess, it's yellow, so it has to be Jushimatsu, the “smart” one… The “pure” one. The size is actually very nice. It's big, but not too big, I guess. So, let me stand up and show you guys. So, that's how it would look like. I'll just keep it on myself.

[Osomatsu-san x Sanrio Characters: Osamatsu x Hello Kitty Pouch]

And, here I have something really girly looking. So, we have a collaboration item. We have Osomatsu and… Should I introduce her? Maybe you already know but, yea, Hello Kitty. And, here we have Osomatsu-san dressed up as Hello Kitty, I guess.

[Osomatsu-san Totty Bottle]

The very first item I showed you, the Totty bottle—stainless, thermal bottle. Actually, that one is one of my favorite episodes. If you watch Osomatsu-san, he episode where Todomatsu is working at Starbucks… It's the best. Sorry, I talk too much. This is “Totty.” So, probably, this is the moment when he sees his brothers entering Starbucks and completely ruining his image. The bottle itself is really cool, right? It's very, like, stylish, simple, white, navy, red colors… with a very creepy face. Nothing special inside. And, I really like the white color and the design—and it doesn't close. But, gosh, I'm so bad with opening and closing things, like, what the hell am I doing? There's going to be, like, a caption: “One hour later.”

[Kitan Club Osomatsu-san Putitto Series]

So, the last one we have for today is a collection of—So, there are six brothers, so six little figurines. They're called “Putitto,” called “Fuchiko” in Japanese, I think. Let's open the first one and see which brother we get here. So, who did we get? Oh, it's Karamatsu, of course! So, let's try putting him on a calendar and see if he stays. This is how you use Fuchiko. So, you just place them on all these random things. And, you see the poses are completely different and I think it's so cute that they created a different pose for each character, kind of showing their personality, right? Okay, let's see if he stays. Wow, he does! This is awesome. Will he stay for long? No. Let's see if I can put him somewhere else… Let's see if he would stay here. No, it's not happening. Okay, let's move to the next one. Aw, this one is so cute. Okay, I think I like Ichimatsu the best. Why? Because he likes cats, and who doesn't like cats, right? I think it was a Valentine's Day poll and the viewers were asked, “Who would you like to give chocolate to?” And, like, 6,000-or-something women participated in the poll and guess who came on top! Ichimatsu. Okay, moving on to the next item. Uh-huh, next one is Choromatsu, again. He's reading a book so, he's the smartest one, right? What is this book? It's, like, a book about… I don't know. Some tools, maybe carpentry? He's supposed to hang from his elbows. Nice! Ah, next one is Todomatsu, “Totty.” So, I just keep remembering this face and, like, so Todomatsu is famous for being two-faced. So, he's, like, very cute and he has these, like, sparkling eyes and a cute kind of face, but then the real face is… That is just so funny. Okay… Wah! No, it's just not happening. Yea, nice. Okay, let's not breathe now. And it's Jushimatsu, looking crazy! Hey, hey. Eyes wide open, mouth wide open, it's just, like, “Yaaah!” Always high… High on life. And so, I guess he's gonna be hanging—He's literally hanging from the tips of his fingers, so cute. It's very well-made as well, very detailed. Like, even the shoes are different colors and, for example, Ichimatsu has, like, this flip-flop-sandal-whatever—like, lazy shoes on. Each pose is so different. So, here we have Todomatsu, like, probably taking selfies or, like, checking their Instagram, right? So, very Todomatsu-ish. And Jushimatsu is just being crazy, hanging, right? This one is studying because he's, like, the “smart” one. And this one—That's his pose, right? He always does this pose.

So, let's just quickly review the items I got to unbox today. I just can't let go of this one. You can see that this one's my favorite. It's just—his face, I love it so much. We have these Fuchiko figurines. And then, the—Well, I'm kind of wearing half of the items, but… So, we also had this makeup pouch—very cute, very girly. Let me just show what I'm wearing camera. Here I am, dressed up as Karamatsu and wearing a Jushimatsu tote bag. So, thank you guys so much for watching my very clumsy unboxing. Let us know, who is your favorite Osomatsu-san character? And maybe you have any special unboxing requests for us, for our future videos, so we can find the goods you would like to see and maybe make a very special series for you guys. I am so excited about the next video and about the next items which I will have the chance to introduce to you. Thank you for your time. See you next time!

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