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SD Gundam - chibi versions of your favorite mechas!

SD Gundam is one of the many spinoff lines from the Gundam franchise, a long-running science fiction multi-media mecha franchise produced by the animation studio Sunrise. SD Gundams are miniature, chibi, anthropomorphic versions of the mechas that have appeared in a variety of media including models, manga, trading cards, anime, and videogames. While originally SD Gundams were marketed to children, they soon became popular with adult collectors, to the point that between the late '80s and '90s the sales from the SD Gundam franchise hugely exceeded those of the rest of the Gundam Franchise. SD Gundam continues to be one of Gundam's most profitable lines and popular with a wide range of Gundam fans.


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SD Gundams were inspired by a junior student from Nagoya named Koji Yokoi who submitted an illustration to Bandai-owned "Model News" magazine. The illustration was of a Gundam mecha, with the Gundam's overall height being equal to twice that of its head. The creative take on the traditional Gundam model piqued the interest of the chief editor and soon Koji Yokoi began serializing SD Gundam as a yonkoma comic strip in Model News.

The first merchandise available from the SD Gundam series were SD Gundam-shaped erasers that were sold as part of the Gashapon line "SD Gundam World". The erasers were a schoolyard hit with Japanese children and soon SD Gundam spawned into a merchandising empire. The model kits of SD Gundam are especially popular within the custom Gundam communities, far more so than the regular lines. Popular model kit series include SD Gundam BB Senshi, Ganzo SD Gundam, and Chi-Bi Senshi.

There have been seven animated series based on SD Gundam which are generally adapted from existed toy lines or manga in the SD Gundam canon. Notable works include Mobile Suit SD Gundam, SD Gundam Force, Gundam Evolve../14, and SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors. The Musha Gundam manga series is the longest running in the SD Gundam series, set in the feudal era of Japan. The Gundam models featured as based on samurai, ninja, and other forms of Japanese warriors from this period.