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About Shimakaze

Kantai Collection Shimakaze - A bubbly warship known for her speed

Shimakaze is a character from Kantai Collection, a Japanese free-to-play web browser game that depicts World War II naval warships as moe anthropomorphisms called "fleet girls." Shimakaze is often accompanied by Rensoho-chan, three gun turret familiars which were inspired by the real-life Shimakaze's three twin naval gun turrets. One of the Rensoho-chan has a lifebuoy with "Zekamashi" written on it, which has become Shimakaze's nickname. Shimakaze wears a sleeveless schoolgirl outfit with a top that exposes her midriff and a very short skirt. Shimakaze's black undergarments can be seen above the waistband of her schoolgirl skirt and her red striped stockings protrude from gray boots with rudders as heels. She has long ash-blonde hair held in place by a black hairband that resembles bunny ears. Shimakaze is hyperactive, excitable, and often absent-minded. She prides herself on being the fastest in her fleet and boasts about her speed very frequently.


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The actual Shimakaze warship was planned and built as the experimental prototype of a new class of heavy destroyers, designated "Type C." Sixteen other units were ordered but later canceled due to more pressing wartime needs. Though never repeated, it was a successful design combining large size, firepower, and heavy torpedo armaments with a 40-knot top speed. The latter was thanks to new high-pressure, high-temperature boilers able to generate nearly 80,000-shaft horsepower.

Kantai Collection's Shimakaze flaunts her speed and scolds the fleet, and even the admiral, for being too slow. She also often tends to her Rensoho-chan turrets. Artists tend to give her a loner personality due to the fact that the original Shimakaze was the only ship of its class. However, the introduction of Amatsukaze, who is inspired by a Kagero-class destroyer which was used as the testbed for Shimakaze's turbine, has provided Shimakaze with an older sister-like figure.

Zekamashi, Shimakaze's name spelled backwards in accordance with the Japanese syllabary, is a fan-made nickname. Speaking of this nickname, the way "Zekamashi" is written backward on her lifebuoy is actually an accurate representation of what it would actually look like on an old Japanese life preserver. Since Japanese was traditionally written in vertical columns from right to left, writing something horizontally would still be read in the same direction and therefore, by today's left-to-right standards, backwards. Kongo uses this nickname for her in the anime.