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About Yuudachi

Kantai Collection Yuudachi - the carefree fleet girl

Yuudachi is a character from the Japanese free-to-play web browser game Kantai Collection, often shortened by fans to "KanColle." Kantai Collection's gameplay revolves around building squadrons of Japanese World War II naval warships, represented as trading cards, to send out on missions. The warships actually take form as anthropomorphized moe girls, known as the "fleet girls." Yuudachi is one of these so-called fleet girls, representing the lead ship of the Shiratsuyu class of battleships that served in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. These Shiratsuyu-class destroyers were designed to accompany the Japanese main striking force to conduct torpedo attacks against the United States Navy. Yuudachi is a popular character from Kantai Collection, especially due to her cute appearance and demeanor.


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Characters > Yuudachi

Yuudachi's name roughly translates as "Evening Squall" and she is depicted wearing a black sailor suit (serafuku), a uniform shared with the other four girls in her class. She has straight long blonde hair with a dainty black ribbon and is voiced by Yumi Tanibe in the anime adaptation. Yuudachi's white sail was incorrectly seen as a flag of surrender which angered the United States Navy as she continued to fight while raising it. Her white-blonde hair color can be seen to reflect this flag and the white sail can also be seen in her second remodel (also known as "Kai Ni") artwork.

Yuudachi is a carefree and nonchalant member of Kantai Collection, noted by her frequent use of "poi" which means "maybe" or "perhaps" in English. The excessive use of the phrase has become her signature even with non-Japanese speaking fans, as it shows off her cute and playful attitude. The main reason for Yuudachi's non-commital way of speaking is because no one had made a clear record of what she actually accomplished while she participated in the Guadalcanal Campaign. Even though it is known that Yuudachi did cause major damage during the battle, there are several other ships that also claimed the kills. Therefore the question mark over Yuudachi's involvement in the battle has been reflected in her copious use of "poi."

In the anime adaptation of Kantai Collection, Yuudachi appears as part of the Torpedo Squad 3 fighting alongside Mutsuki and the Sendai sisters. Despite playing a supporting role early on in the series, she becomes part of the protagonist ensemble within the anime, thanks to her character's status as a fan favorite and moe appeal.