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About Kaga

Kantai Collection Kaga - A serious and dedicated fleet girl

Kaga is a character from Kantai Collection, a Japanese free-to-play web browser game that depicts World War II naval warships as moe anthropomorphisms called "fleet girls." Kaga speaks with barely any emotion most of the time and tends to keep her thoughts to herself. She expresses very little enthusiasm, which gives her a stoic demeanor. It is never explained why she has such a serious attitude, but there are instances when a more caring and gentle side of Kaga comes out. She possesses an air of formality and professionalism that isn't seen among the other fleet girls.


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Characters > Kaga

Kantai Collection was launched in April 2013. Only two years after its debut, the game had already accumulated 3 million registered players despite only being available in Japan. KanColle has now developed into a much larger media franchise including multiple manga series, light novels, and an officially licensed tabletop role-playing game. A PlayStation Vita game was released in February 2016 and then an anime television series began airing its first season in January 2015. An animated film followed in November 2016 as the sequel to the series.

Kaga is named after Kaga Province, which is modern-day Ishikawa Prefecture. She has long brown hair that is usually pulled into a side ponytail. She is typically seen wearing a black muneate (chest protector) over a blue and white outfit, with bow and arrow in hand. She is often seen with Akagi, who has a more playful and easygoing personality type that contrasts Kaga's. Kaga appears to be somewhat prideful, hinted at in her relationship with the Fifth Carrier Division. She refuses to outright admit being on a similar level with the girls of the Fifth Carrier Division. She emphasizes her position in the First Carrier Division (and the First Carrier Division itself as a whole in relation to the Fifth) as one of great importance.