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About Tenn Kujo

IDOLiSH7 Tenn Kujo - TRIGGER's little devil!

Tenn Kujo is a character from IDOLiSH7, a Japanese rhythm game and visual novel developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The character design of IDOLiSH7 was headed by the legendary shojo manga author Arina Tanemura, who is known for her work on popular series such as Full Moon o Sagashite and Phantom Thief Jeanne. The game series revolves around the eponymous group IDOLiSH7, where the player takes the role of Tsumugi Takanashi, a rookie manager for a new idol group under her father's agency. The mobile game became so popular that grew into several manga and anime adaptations. Tenn Kujo is the lead vocalist of TRIGGER, the rival idol group to IDOLiSH7, and is known for his perfectionist streak.


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Lottery Prizes > Tenn Kujo

Tenn Kujo plays the role of lead vocalist in TRIGGER and is considered to be the most popular member of the group, due to his great rapport with fans. Tenn has a sweet and innocent demeanor on stage and his charisma lead him to be considered TRIGGER's secret weapon before they debuted. He is a perfectionist to a fault and relentlessly trains to make sure he is seen as the model idol by his fellow group members and fans alike.

However, despite his cute and angelic exterior, behind the scenes, Tenn's real personality shows through. He can be cold and callous and when angry, his words become extremely vitriolic. Tenn is almost completely emotionless behind the scenes and often butts heads with Gaku Yaotome due to his despondent off-stage personality. However, the reason for Tenn's cold personality is that he wants to save all of his energy and happiness for his fans, leaving himself with little else.

Tenn Kujo is the older twin brother of IDOLiSH7 member Riku Nanase. As Tenn Kujo cut off all family ties when he joined the Yaotome Pro talent agency, he and his younger brother have a strained relationship, despite Tenn having affection for his twin. It is revealed later in the series that the reason that Tenn Kujo became an idol in the first place was to help his sickly brother Riku. He is voiced by Souma Saitou in both the game and anime adaptation.