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IDOLiSH 7 > by Character > Tamaki Yotsuba

About Tamaki Yotsuba

IDOLiSH7 Tamaki Yotsuba - Tama the Hardy Sleepyhead

Tamaki Yotsuba is a character from a Japanese rhythm game by Bandai called IDOLiSH7 (stylized as IDOLiSH7, also referred to as i7). Though he has a somewhat menacing appearance and rough way of speaking, Tamaki is very sensitive to the emotional changes of others. Since he reacts to things emotionally, he doesn't normally focus on the fine details of situations. Takami became an idol in hopes of finding his long-lost sister, Aya, because it gives him multiple opportunities to appear on TV. He loves cheap snacks, like King Pudding.


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by Character > Tamaki Yotsuba

Tamaki's birthday is April 1, making him an Aries. His blood type is B and he is 183 cm tall. He is a talented dancer and enjoys playing video games. He sleeps with a night light because he is afraid of the dark and ghosts. He is a bit of a sleepyhead and doesn't take certain things as seriously as others, but he doesn't like to be treated as if he is a child. He likes physical contact and isn't the best at explaining things.

IDOLiSH7 is a Japanese rhythm game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment with music collaboration by Lantis for Android and iOS platforms that features character design by Arina Tanemura. Since its debut in August 2015, IDOLiSH7 has had several adaptations in various mediums including novelizations, manga, and anime. In the game, the player assumes the role of Tsumugi Takanashi, an inexperienced manager for a new idol group under her father's small agency, Takanashi Production Company. The idol group is named IDOLiSH7 and consists of seven male singers, each with their own unique personality and background. She must train and turn all of them into the famous idols, all the while struggling against the hardships of the entertainment industry.