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About Izumi Iori

IDOLiSH7 Iori Izumi - Cool-looking idol with a secret love of cute things

Iori Izumi is a character from a Japanese rhythm game by Bandai called IDOLiSH7 (stylized as IDOLiSH7, also referred to as i7). Iori is Mitsuki Izumi's cool younger brother. At times, Iori's presence may come across as self-important, but he is sure to practice exemplary manners. The exception to this is when certain uncomfortable situations bring out his malevolent side. He is most comfortable when things are thoroughly planned and smoothly executed, as he becomes very anxious otherwise. Though Iori was a member of the student council at his previous high school, he now attends the same school as Tamaki Yotsuba. Iori's parents own a cute cake shop called Fonte Chocolat, which influences his secret interest in cute objects. He is particularly fond of the Usamimi Friends Collection and his bedroom has cat motifs hidden throughout. He's also quite ticklish.


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by Character > Izumi Iori

Iori's favorite items are listed as being "cool and sharp." He claims to dislike anything small and/or cute, but this isn't true. He's a 17-year-old Aquarius with blood type A and was born on January 25th. The music symbol that represents him is the double flat and his official position is Manager in the Shadows. Iori is half of the Fly Away sub unit duo with Riku Nanase. The Japanese voice actor that gives Iori his voice is Toshiki Masuda.