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About Shōyō Hinata

Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata - Karasuno High's MVP!

Shoyo Hinata is a character from Haikyu (stylized as Haikyuu!!), a Japanese sports shonen manga series by Haruichi Furudate. The original manga was so popular that it spawned into a huge franchise of mixed media including anime, film adaptations, video games, and a radio drama. Shoyo is the main protagonist of the story - a cheerful and hardworking high school student who dreams of becoming a top volleyball player.


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Phone Straps > Shōyō Hinata

Shoyo Hinata gains his love of volleyball after watching a national championship on TV, inspired by the star player, who is affectionately nicknamed "Little Giant". Eager to achieve his dream of becoming a star in the volleyball world, Shoyo starts Karasuno High's first ever volleyball club, where he is the sole member. As several years pass, five more players join the team and they are finally able to compete in tournaments. Shoyo and his volleyball buddies, unfortunately, lose their first championship, being beaten out by the so-called "King of the Court," Tobio Kageyama. Rather than discouraging him, the loss ignited Shoyo's next dream: to defeat the great Tobio at any cost!

Shoyo is considered to be a short player by volleyball standards and is the second shortest person on his team, next to Yu Nishinoya. As his height inhibits him from playing his middle blocker position as effectively as taller players, Shoyo specializes in jumping in order to compensate. His technique is seen as quite sloppy by some more experienced players, however, Shoyo gets full marks when it comes to his stamina and determination on the court.

Shoyo is tirelessly cheerful and energetic and is prone to making rash decisions. However, behind his hyperactive and boisterous exterior, Shoyo is observant and in-tune to the emotions and worries of his teammates. He often acts as the team's own personal cheerleader who knows the right thing to say to push his teammates in the right direction.