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About Kagura

Gintama Kagura - the right-hand woman of the Yorozuya!

Kagura is one of the main characters from Gintama, a Japanese manga series by Hideaki Sorachi, first serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in late 2003. Gintama has since become one of the most popular and well-known manga series in recent years, spawning a long-running TV anime series, light novels, video games, two animated films, and a live-action movie adaptation. Kagura is from an alien Amanto tribe, known as the Yato. After she is saved by Gintoki Sakata and Shinpachi Shimura, she joins them as a freelancer working at the Yorozuya.


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Badges > Kagura

Kagura is the youngest and only Amanto employee at the Yorozuya. She first comes into contact with Gintoki and Shinpachi when they rescue her from a yakuza gang who wants to use her super-human abilities to commit crimes. After this incident, Kagura takes up work as a freelancer at the Yorozuya. She is the daughter of Umibouzu, a renowned alien-hunter. Kagura's elder brother Kamui becomes one of the major antagonists of the series in the Yoshiwara in Flames arc. As a member of the Yato tribe, Kagura has highly developed fighting abilities and physical strength that far surpass her human counterparts.

Kagura is incredibly trusting and naive, which led her getting involved with Yakuza gangs who could easily manipulate her. Although she is from an elite family within the Yato tribe, she rejects her position, wanting to live life as a normal human girl. Kagura has a tsundere personality, acting aloof towards Gintoki and Shinpachi, while actually harboring genuine feelings of affection for them. Kagure has an insatiable appetite, whose favorite foods are rice and sukonbu.

Kagura is one of the most popular characters from Gintama, ranking 21st in a Newtype poll for the most popular female anime characters from the 2000s and ranking 3rd for the most cheerful anime character in Animedia's 2010 character awards. She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the anime adaptation of Gintama, with Jocelyn Lowen playing Kagura in the English version.