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About Sosuke Yamazaki

Free! Sosuke Yamazaki - the leader of Samezuka Academy's swim team

Sosuke Yamazaki is character from Free (stylized as Free!), a Japanese anime television series based on the light novel High☆Speed and produced by Kyoto Animation with Animation Do. The first series of the anime began airing in 2013, with the second season "Free! - Eternal Summer" and third season "Free! - Dive to the Future" being released in 2014 and 2018 respectively. Free has enjoyed huge success since its debut, spawning films, an internet radio show, and drama CDs. Sosuke is one of the main supporting characters who swims butterfly and freestyle on Samezuka Academy's swim team.


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Phone Straps > Sosuke Yamazaki

Sosuke Yamazaki is one of the main supporting characters in the second season of Free, "Free! - Eternal Summer". He is introduced as one of Rin Matsuoka's childhood friends from Sano Elementary School. Rin and Sosuke used to be best friends, even spending New Years with each other. Sosuke and Rin swam together on Sano Elementary School's swim team as well as Samezuka Academy before Rin transferred to Iwatobi High School.

Sosuke is quite reserved and stoic compared to the other characters in Free, rarely showing his true feelings. Sosuke can be quite intimidating when first meeting someone, but is very friendly and kind once people take the time to get to know him. However, when he is coaching his team, he can be quite harsh and direct in his criticisms, but this is only because he believes in the ability of his team.

Sosuke was born on September 14th, making him a Virgo. His motif animal is a whale shark and he is often shown with the animal in official merchandise and promotional images. Sosuke is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya in the anime, with Ian Sinclair serving as his voice in the English dub of Free.