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About Makoto Tachibana

Free! Makoto - the older brother of Iwatobi High School Swim Club!

Makoto Tachibana is a character from Free (stylized as Free!), a Japanese anime television series based on the light novel High☆Speed and produced by Kyoto Animation with Animation Do. The first series of the anime began airing in 2013, with the second season "Free! - Eternal Summer" and third season "Free! - Dive to the Future" being released in 2014 and 2018 respectively. Free has enjoyed huge success since its debut, spawning films, an internet radio show, and drama CDs. Makoto is one of the main characters of the series whose specialty is backstroke. His dream to be a swimming teacher for kids and inspire a new generation to take up swimming.


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Phone Straps > Makoto Tachibana

Makoto Tachibana is a student at Iwatobi High School and one of the captains of the school's swim team. Makoto is one of Haruka Nanase's oldest friends who originally got Haruka into swimming. Makoto and Haruka have spent so much time together that Makoto is able to know exactly what Haruka is thinking which he often uses to his advantage. Due to his tall height, Makoto was originally invited to join Iwatobi's basketball team by Kisumi Shigino, but he rejected the offer as swimming is Makoto's true passion.

Makoto is a considerate and kind young man, who is always fussing around his friends, concerned about their welfare. However, he is somewhat weak-willed and can get scared quite easily, especially from ghost stories. Makoto is also often seen as the sensible member of his friendship group and can get worn out from his fellow team member' antics. He is one of the only of Haruka's friends that are allowed to call him by his nickname "Haru".

Makoto was born on November 17th, making him a Scorpio. His motif animal is an orca and he is often shown with the whale in official merchandise and promotional images. Makoto is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki in the anime, with Johnny Young Bosch serving as his voice in the English dub of Free.