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About Scathach

Fate Scathach - the master Lancer of Fate/Grand Order

Scathach is a Lancer class Servant who can be summoned by the player in the RPG mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Fate Grand Order is based in the world of the Fate franchise, a series of games produced by the studio Type-Moon. As a Lancer class Servant, Scathach is an agile and skilled swordsman, using her signature red spear to take down her opponents. Scathach was designed by Type-Moon co-founder Kinoko Nasu who also served as her character's scenario writer alongside Hikaru Sakurai.


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Characters > Scathach

Lancer's True Name is Scathach, a female warrior from Celtic Mythology, first appearing in the stories of the Ulster Cycle. In Fate/Grand Order she is the queen and gatekeeper of the haunted wastelands known as the "Land of Shadows". Scathach is first introduced in the "Scathach's Trial Quest" event in Fate/Grand Order, encountering the player and Mash Kyrielight during the quest. Scathach met Cu Chulainn when he was 16 years old in the Land of Shadows, becoming his mentor and teaching him runic magecraft.

Lancer appears in Fate Grand Order as a beautiful woman with long purple hair and red eyes, wearing a full-body outfit that clings to her body. In her first Ascension, Scathach is seen wearing a mask and more protective armor while carrying the Gae Bolg Alternative. Scathach is a prodigy in both spearmanship and runic magecraft, who transformed into a Divine Spirit after years of magical training.

Scathach also appears in the 2018 videogame Fate/Extella Link, where she is available as one of the 27 playable Servants. In the Fate/Extella Link world Scathach is a Top Servant summoned by Moon Cell in order to stop Karl der Grosse. Scathach has also appeared in Fate/GUDAGUDA Order, the tie-in gag webcomic that runs alongside Fate/Grand Order.