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Fate Series > Characters > Nero Claudius

About Nero Claudius

Fate Nero Claudius - Saber's alter-ego in Fate/Extra

Nero Claudius is an alternate version of Saber, a character in Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC. She is of the Saber class and can be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/grand order. Nero exists in the alternative universe of Fate/Extra, whose timeline splits off with the main events of Fate/stay night. Saber Alter is one of the servants that can be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order. In order to differentiate from other versions of Saber, Nero is sometimes referred to as "Red Saber".


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Characters > Nero Claudius

The Saber of Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC's full name is Nero Claudius Cesar Augustus Germanicus, after the Roman emperor of the same name. The Nero of the Fate universe's similarities with the tyrannical Roman ruler ends with just their shared name, with Saber being a kind and considerate leader of her people. During her youth, Nero was seen as a competent judge, overlooking important legal and moral matters. After her father Claudius died, Nero assumed the throne at age seventeen, her first decree abolishing all indirect taxes. Nero's benevolent rule was praised by countries far and wide, including King Arthur's native Britannia.

Nero shares a great resemblance to the Saber representing King Arthur, Altoria Pendragon, although they share no blood relation. She is usually depicted wearing the "Ball Dress of Rose", a military-style red dress that emphasizes her curvaceous body. Due to the fact that Nero is always wearing red, she is also known as "Red Saber". Nero also is sometimes shown wearing a wedding dress in Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Extra CCC; in this form, she is known as Nero Bride or Saber Bride.

Nero was designed to look like the original Saber based on King Arthur in order to trick players of Fate/Extra into thinking she was the same character. Type-Moon head writer Kinoko Nasu wrote her personality to resemble his original idea of the Rider character Iskandar. In Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary Poll, Nero was ranked as the ninth most popular female character in all games from Type-Moon's catalog.