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About Fate-stay night

Fate/stay night - a story of Masters and Servants

Fate/stay night is an eroge adult visual novel game produced and published by Type-Moon. Fate/stay night is the first game in the Fate franchise, originally released for Windows in 2004. Fate/stay night marked Type-Moon's departure from writing doujin visual novels to creating software commercially. The story of Fate/stay night follows the protagonist Shirou Emiya who unwittingly enters a to-the-death tournament known as the Fifth Holy Grail War, where heroes throughout history fight to the death for a chance to have their wishes granted. Along the way, Shirou meets some of the most iconic characters in the fate series including Saber (also known as Altria Pendragon), Rin Tohsaka, and Sakura Matou. Fate/stay night is the work that launched the entire Fate franchise, spawning spinoff games, anime, manga, and countless other media adaptations.


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Fate/stay night is an adult visual novel produced and published by Type-Moon in 2004. The events of Fate/stay night are based in the same universe as Type-Moon's previous visual novel offering, Tsuki Hime. Fate/stay night's gameplay follows the conventions of the visual novel genre, requiring little interaction from the player as they read through text representing the dialogue between characters or the inner thoughts of the main character. There are three routes that the player can take, the first being named "Fate" which revolves around Saber, whose true name is Altria Pendragon (sometimes localized as Artoria). The second route Unlimited Blade Works focuses on Rin Tohsaka, with the final route Heaven's Feel starring Sakura Matou.

The man plot of Fate/stays night chronicles a two-week period of the life of Shirou Emiya, a young and earnest teenager who unwillingly gets involved in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Shirou is the sole survivor of a terrible fire that killed his parents and incinerated a large portion of Fuyuki city. After this tragedy, Shirou is then taken under the wing of the powerful magus named Kiritsugu Emiya. In the Fate universe, each magus also serves the role of a Master who can summon one of the seven types of Servants, who are reincarnations of legendary souls from across time.

Kinoko Nasu, the writer of Fate/stay night, first began writing the novel while at college, however, he had not intended for it to become a game. After Type-Moon's great success with their previous visual novel Tsukihime four years previously, the company began to transition from a doujin software group to a commercial organization. Fate/stay night went on to become a huge success, spawning a manga, anime, and light novels.